Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Sunday

We had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday with all bedrooms occupied--even the daybed in my still unfinished sewing room and the sturdy fold-out sofa bed in the sun room.
Daughter's family in for the festive Thursday meal, then a group rather noisily enjoying games after the table was cleared .
The young people were off on various exploits on Friday leaving the house suddenly quiet.

Rain began to drizzle down before noon on Saturday, becoming a steady drumming on the roof by evening.  It has rained all day, so other than a quick dash to the compost pile and a hasty trudge through the woods to empty cat litter I have occupied myself with indoor projects.

Squelching along the path into the woods I noted that the fallen leaves have lost all color, trodden down when the horses spent a week there, now pounded into sogginess by the rain.
With rainy weather predicted into Wednesday I made use of the electric dryer to tackle the mound of sheets and towels over-flowing the laundry hamper.
I made up the beds, although only one guest room is needed to welcome Jim's cousin and her husband who will spend a night here later in the week.

I enjoy making a bed, spreading the fresh sheets, smoothing and tucking, plumping pillows into their cases, adjusting the quilt or comforter to hang just so.
With the bedrooms nicely tidied I felt inspired to work on the valences for the living room curtains.
I measured and cut these months ago, then put away the fabric when so much painting 
demanded to be done.

No sooner did I bring out fabric, my tools and my sewing machine than Nellie sprawled on the table.
I removed him to spread a tablecloth.

Obviously, a tablecloth is meant to be patted, rumpled, used as a winding sheet.

The addition of a cutting mat and the sewing machine did nothing to discourage Nellie.

I needed to fill several bobbins.
Thread tangled and snarled--Nellie prodding at the spool from behind the machine.

Teasel took over my chair.

Teasel eventually settled in a chair at the other side of the table.
I resigned myself to Nellie's 'help' after removing him several times only to have him pop up again.
[Possibly in our joy at his return we have been 'spoiling' him a bit.]
I did manage to finish lined valences for the four windows in the living room.
Jim helped hang them--perhaps feeling that he was in danger of being brained with a curtain rod while I teetered behind his spot on the sofa trying to do it myself.
I'm not sure yet if I like the effect of the valences!
I will take photos tomorrow if the light is better.

Jim spent the forenoon making a rail for hanging coats.
I have been carrying those hooks around since purchasing them in Wyoming!

I like the way the rail makes use of space in the corner by the back entry door.

By evening Jim had created a 3-cornered shelf to fit above the hanging rails.
He promptly filled it with his gloves and caps.
One hook has been left empty--perhaps for my coat?
I rummaged out several hooks in another style and mentioned that a rail in the 'dressing room' off the master bath would be useful. 
With major renovation work accomplished, the 'tweekings' and embellishments happen at unpredictable times.
I felt contented pottering with my fabric through the gloomy day.
Hopefully creative energy is about to return.


  1. Those persistent cats did make me laugh! Nellie is looking very smug and obviously thinking he can do no wrong now he is back . . .

    Glad you got another job done. It is good when we have put another tick on the list (I managed two last week). The hooks are lovely and look blacksmith-made. How thoughtful that . . . ONE . . . was left for you!

  2. Jennie; I think Nellie's spirit of mischief has returned in full force! He managed to look innocent even as i untangled yards of thread from the bobbin-winding mishap.
    Re the list: most of the remaining jobs have to do with proper storage--the Amish don't do closets and cupboards at all well.

  3. Always fun to have family and friends fill the house. Cats, they're everywhere we don't want them to be, ours is locked out of the computer room right now.

    1. Janet; Shutting a door on our cats usually means pitiful wails, little paws scrabbling along the bottom of the door!