Friday, March 6, 2015

Checking In

No photos--although I have taken a few of more snow!
Installation of phone/internet is indefinitely delayed due to the continuing cold and storms.
We have stayed snug thanks to an adequate wood supply for the big farmhouse stove.  On several evenings we have pulled our favorite chairs close to the warmth, turned on the radio [for Jim] while I've sat still with a book.
Most of our worldly goods were moved to the farm on Monday and Tuesday, beating the snowfall with the help of two stalwart Amish lads who helped with loading and unloading. Many of my books are still in piles on the study floor and a few pieces of furniture remaining to be conveyed.
Unpacking at the farmhouse continues. [Why do we have so much chattel?]
Jim is now installing lights in the upstairs, and we set up our king-sized bed last evening in what will eventually be called the 'master bedroom.'
I am so anxious to paint, but some repair of poorly finished drywall should be done first and isn't a priority on Jim's 'to-do' list.
I see the finished product in my mind's eye and get impatient with the long process of remodeling and decorating.
I've been at our local family-owned store and café for an hour, using their WiFi connection--fighting with my recalcitrant laptop--which isn't allowing me to comment on the few blogs I've had time to read.
Surely this time of frustration--like the lingering winter--will surely give way to more 'normal' times!


  1. You must be eager for Spring, how lovely it will be to throw open your windows and let in the warm breezes. What an adventure you are having, but I'm sure you will be happy to be settled and peaceful in your lovely new home.

  2. I sure do understand how you feel. It is so disruptive moving from one home to another. Each day gets you closer to settling in. Hope the early arrival of Spring helps with that. Hugs for the kitties. Deb

  3. Hang in there dear heart. Things will be better soon.

    I'm glad you are moved in, enjoy the process of unpacking and setting your things up. Be patient while having to wait to do things. All in good time.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Glad to hear from you even without pictures (and I love your pictures). Dealing with the weather has been especially hard this winter for so many and I can imagine how much worse it is in your situation.

  5. With all the bad weather the south has been having I thought of you often. Glad to hear that all is well.

  6. It feels like a long haul to me so it must be getting you down a bit I'm sure but it will be worth it won't it. Hope you are soon back to normal and usual post resume, have missed you.

  7. Oh yes, patience! I hold dear the old saying 'even this shall pass away' and it usually does! Hang in there, - spring is coming.

  8. sounds like you are coming right along though. What joy when the project is done !