Monday, November 10, 2014

November Days

It was frosty this morning when I opened the front door to take food to Mamma Hiss-Hiss [the feral mother cat] but so sparkling and pretty that I hurried in for my camera.
The house faces more or less south with the sun now coming up low in the sky, slanting over the hill.

Looking to the south-west. 
It is always interesting the way the vistas open up as leaves fall from the trees.
In Kentucky nearly every view is criss-crossed with the overhead power wires.

Double-Red Knock-out roses against the front wall of the house.
They are frost-bitten, but still appealing.

The four straggling rosemarys which I felt had a 50-50 chance of survival.
Three are slowly growing--the fourth is spindly but tenacious.

Jim has been moving wood from our former home as the new owner is bringing in his own store of wood.

Sunflowers, seared and blackened by frost, stark against a brilliant early morning sky.
The ghost of a waning moon peeks between the stalks.

I moved peonies here in the spring, but didn't find a suitable spot to transplant them.
The foliage withered and died and I feared that the roots might not have borne the strain of living in a pot all summer.
At least three are showing new growth--I intend to find a spot at the new farmhouse where they can be put in the ground to over-winter.

Days are demanding with the work needed to clear out our former home.
I spent the day there, hauling out the sort of bits and pieces which seem to accumulate--those small items which don't fit in any particular category of usefulness--items which likely should have been thrown out long ago.
Having cleared the rooms, I began wiping down all the woodwork--baseboards, top edges of doors [embarrassingly dusty] meticulously scoured the bathtub and shower surround, ditto the vanity sink and commode. I swabbed cupboard shelves, finally trundled the vac through each room.
Whenever we move out of a house I am appalled to find that painted walls behind furniture  have been scuffed, color has faded around pictures and wall-hangings, and rooms decorated a mere 4 years ago need to be refreshed.
I suspect that my 'cottage' colors will soon be covered with the ubiquitous high gloss paint in some shade of blue--an Amish preference. 

I piled my van with a tumble of oddments, and set off for the barn hoping to capture Sadie and Sally, the tortie barn cats who must be conveyed to their new home.
Jim had set the big cage in the raised stall which has been their part of the barn since 
their arrival as kittens.
Sadie was in the loft and pattered down the stairs as soon as I called, 'Here, kitty, kitty.' 
I stuffed her in the cage and went in search of Sally.
She appeared from the center aisle of the barn and approached me.
I picked her up and she instantly became a writhing, twisting ball of muscle and fur.
She plunged from my arms and skittered toward the tobacco barn.
I followed, wheedling and coaxing.
After some 15 minutes of hide and seek, I lost sight of Sally somewhere in the dimness of the barn.
I pottered around the house for a few minutes, then called her again.
She remained hidden.
I needed to stop at the store on my way home, so loaded in Sadie and departed.
The checkout lines at the store were frustratingly long [the usual with Wal Mart.]
By the time I finally got on the road for home, the sky was stained with the colors of sunset: shades of rose, pink, mauve, coral.
It is lovely to see the colors of nature in their true values with my 'new' eyes!
In the rear-view mirror, contrails plumed, white gold against a molten sky.
When I pulled into the driveway, trees and buildings were going dark against the deep lavender rose of nightfall.
I lugged the cat cage down the back stairs to the laundry room and decanted Sadie to enjoy [?] a reunion with Willis.
A rush to prepare supper before the aches and tiredness of a long day would cave in on me.
Jim and Howard grease-smeared from working on an ailing vehicle.
Cats milling about the kitchen, clearly feeling the neglect of the day.
Katy-dog hovering in the hope that a tidbit might fall her way as I sliced beef and veg for a stir-fry.
I can't even think of what to do with clutter and clobber in the van!
How many trips will I need to make before I can catch the skittish Sally?
It is not yet 9 P.M. but of late my 'second'wind' refuses to blow in.
My night-owl nature has temporarily succumbed to the need for rest and renewal.
I long for the time [and energy] to write, to read, to sew.
Surely sometime soon we will sort ourselves out, settle into a final permanent home.
For now, a mug of tea, a few minutes to nod over a magazine--and then fall into bed!


  1. Sounds like you are almost there. Will all your cats be moving to the new home?

    1. The cats are now all gathered at the interim house--except Sally who is still eluding us. She didn't see as much of us this summer and is feeling skittish.

  2. I cannot imagine how difficult the equation of sorting THREE homes must be for you - and that includes three times the packing, unpacking, cat catching! (I only thought of your barn cats yesterday and wondered if they would stay with the Amish family to keep wildlife down in the barns).

    Sadly, houses do not stay pristine in the decoration line forever. Tam tells me off for "always decorating" but I am trying to keep on top of bits that start to get shabby - the kitchen cupboard doors being the latest to feel the force of my paintbrush. Keith couldn't see any point, but I could see the grubbyness and a few chips on edges.

    I hope that you will soon be permanently in your lovely big house and able to heave a sigh of relief. Any joy from that viewing you had? Any more in the offing?

    Try not to tire yourself out - it will all be sorted in the fullness of time.

    1. No offers from the viewings--nothing scheduled--although right now if we were to have a viewing I would have a panic attack!
      I do wonder if people who live without pets, or gardens or hobbies might have houses that stay immaculate--its a condition that will never happen in my life!
      "Tired" has become chronic!

  3. Oh my goodness ~ your poor dear! I hope you are soon all moved in with all felines settling into their new surroundings, resting and thankful for the new home you have been blessed with.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

    1. I think the 'final' move will not take place for several months--AFTER the installation of lights and plumbing! In the meantime, we are comfortable in the 'interim house'--even if not sorted and settled.
      We do feel blessed--most of the time!

  4. Please don't over do it Sharon, you work so hard. It must be a very exciting time, as it all slowly comes together.

    1. Re 'over-doing'--it seems that once I get in gear I don't know how to stop until I am exhausted and full of self pity. Fortunately, enthusiasm kicks in and I tackle another day.
      We have promised ourselves that we will take 'breaks' in between spells of hard work.