Monday, July 28, 2014

Long Distance Hugs

The kind messages and 'virtual hugs' from my blog friends and Face Book friends have warmed my heart today.
As I have written before, there is a kinship amongst those who love animals, who delight in having pets to share their space.
When we post the amusing [or exasperating] stories and photos of our cats or dogs or horses, we know that others are relating-- chuckling over acts of mischief which we recognize all too well, delighting in the cleverness of an animal we will never meet in real time.

And when a friend loses a dear one we grieve with them. Tears well up and we are quick to send words of sympathy, because we have been in that painful place and know that we will be 
there again.

I have noticed previously that when one of my cats dies, the other felines in the household are aware.
They cannot articulate in words and perhaps their feelings of loss or change vanish far more quickly than ours.

In most cases they notice that one of their number has been taken away in the cat carrier--and that the carrier returns empty.

Teasel Cat was solicitously concerned for Eggnog in the days of her decline.  She spent much time hovering nearby, often staying beside her for hours in the bed atop the storage bin.
After we buried Eggnog I removed the towels and old blanket from the top of the bin, put them into the wash.
I swept the floor, wiped down the bin and folded a fresh piece of fleece material on top.

It was after 11 PM when I finished canning the green bean harvest of the day. I had tidied the kitchen and was headed along the hall to the bedroom when I realized that the light was on downstairs. For the 18 days of Eggnog's residence downstairs I had left on a florescent light--day and night.
Having the light on made my frequent forays downstairs safer and simpler. Also, perhaps unreasonably, I didn't want to leave my cat in the dark.
Teasel followed me down the stairs.
She walked to the bin, sniffed the clean blanket, prowled about, returned to the bin where she had so recently kept vigil over Eggnog.
As she paced back and forth, she'talked' to me--seeming to ask, 'Where is she?'
Several times today I have found her sitting half way down the stairs. Was she waiting for her friend to return?
I think that by tomorrow the feline ranks will have closed, their skittishness will subside.

My own sadness reaches out today to encircle my older grand daughter who lives in Colorado.
Her rescue cat, Captain Eugene Breakfast, keeled over dead this afternoon while being chased through the house by his jealous housemate, Smokey.
We support each other--with our tears, our words, our hugs, we who are 'foolish' about our animals.


  1. So sorry for your sadness, and that of your granddaughter. Eggnog kept coming into my mind this past week - I was sure her passing would be quiet and peaceful, and I hoped it would be soon, - whether we are human or feline they always leave a hole....

  2. So sorry to hear about your grandaughter's cat dieing so suddenly too. What a beautiful cat (and grandaughter).

    I am sure that the cats realize that one of their number is missing. Our Edward lookalike Little Whale has been enjoying the summer in the fields for 10 days now. I always worry for him, and his brother is a bit lost without him. On his return they cuddle up together.

    I hope your cats will accept the loss of Eggnogg and bring you solace.

  3. Oh my, I am sorry for your granddaughter's loss of her beloved cat as well.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. As you know, this dance for me is very repeated. It never gets easier, nor do the tears go away. I had a two brothers who were so close, when I lost Thomas, Tanner grieved for over a month.
    I send you healing blessings to you and your granddaughter for the loss.

  5. My Billy had a particular place he liked to sit. For weeks after his deth, the other cats wouldnt sit there. they would approach, then pause,m and then sit elsewhere. it choked me up each time., for they obviously were aware he was missing/ absent and it was as if they were keeping his chair for him...

    Leanne x

  6. Oh, yes, I have experienced the grief of animal companions when one of them is gone. How sad that your granddaughter has also lost her kitty. My old dog passed two years ago and my younger dog was definitely grieving, as were we. He refused to go outside, wouldn't eat and just looked so sad. Although I hadn't planned on adopting another dog right away, I felt I needed to because of this. It did help and now these two crazy dogs have stolen my heart and each other's. These sweet animals that we share our lives with are just like family, aren't they? Sending you and your granddaughter heartfelt condolences. xo Karen