Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jim's Sunday Photos

I was sneezing by the time I swung my feet to the floor this morning.
The cats don't like being greeted with snuffles and sneezes, so they marched off to the kitchen where J. was already making coffee.
I usually blow my nose a few times, get the kinks out of my neck, pad about collecting my wits and easing into the day.
The wind was blowing--and continued to do so all day.
I think with so much in bloom I'm being troubled with allergies.
Jim made us a grand stir-fry for breakfast--chopped onion, bits of an orange sweet pepper, half a tomato, steak cut in tiny strips, with eggs and toast served on the side.
He went out afterward to mow the grass.
I tidied the kitchen, talked on the phone with our son in Wyoming--where it was snowing heavily.

Jim went out about noon with his camera--I having wondered aloud if he had forgotten he owned one.
At that, the long dreary winter hasn't offered a great many opportunities for inspiring photos.
He came in quite pleased with himself and asked that I download the photos onto my PC and share them with the family via Face Book.

What should have been a simple task ended up causing more than an hour of frustrating effort.
I didn't install the Canon camera program on the new PC.
[That seems to be the option as cameras don't come with a printed 'manual' or an 
installation disc these days.]
I felt the program was a bit clumsy and had resorted to Picasa on my former PC.
I discovered that J. hadn't deleted any of his photos since early in January and I was being prompted to download nearly 200 of them--many of which are already in my files.
I decided to load them onto J.'s laptop instead and email the newest ones to myself.
Arggh!  Passwords, security codes, word verification boxes.
I stormed from my PC to his, trying to reset passwords and bypass all the code business--I do not keep pieces of paper with obscure strings of numbers I can't identify.

By the time I had that sorted--and I'm not sure how--most of the afternoon had fled.
I decided to turn to a clean page on my desk blotter and decipher my scribbled notes re passwords for places I shop online, passwords for google, microsoft, Roku, craigslist, J.'s reset email account. 
I'm sure I'll yet run into something which boggles my mind.

Not a productive day.
A day of feeling tired, stuffy.

Tomorrow I must do better.
Spring can't pass me by while I sit indoors sniffling into a pile of tissues!


  1. How frustrating - I have a little book where I store important email addies, websites and passwords for various of the same. I would be lost without it!

    Pretty photos of your garden. There were some trees like your pretty pink one flowering in Florence . . . I thought of you.

  2. Lovely photos. You are so far ahead of us with colour and new growth. Today will be good, though, as we are expecting +24C. Feel better soon. Deb

  3. Great photos but sorry you had such a rough time getting them into your computer.

    Have a lovely Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  4. That is such a pretty pink blossom tree.
    A frustrating day for you. I hope the snuffles and allergies soon settle down again.