Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tidying/Spring Cleaning/House Tour

Yesterday I convinced J. that it was time to part with our massive lodgepole pine bed frame.
We bought it when we lived in Wyoming from a man who made furniture and cabinetry for private homes and public places.  It suited the upscale log homes we were building.
Set up in the bedroom of our Kentucky cottage the bed has loomed, dominating the space.
J. did some muttering and thwacking before he got all the components apart and lugged out to the carport.
With the mattress and box spring on a simple metal frame we have gained a full two feet of clearance between the foot of the bed and the wall.
The cats crept in after the bed was remade--some of them with obvious misgivings.
Several of the younger cats have enjoyed the balancing act of walking along the footboard and then using the corner post as a launching pad to reach the dresser.
I'm liking the lighter roomier look of the bedroom.

When we moved in--four years ago this week--this space housed a washer/dryer stack--in 'harvest gold', no less. The units held no more than a change of clothes for two people.
We installed a large new washer and dryer in the basement and J. converted this area with shelving.  This short passage leads to the bath.
The stacks of linens have a tendency to become muddled.
Teasel-cat likes to insert herself into a layer of towels or throws for a quiet little thinking time. 

The bathroom is adequate but not much wall space for a towel rack, so we installed a double bar in the passageway

Hallway with bedrooms to either side.

The cherry buffet and cabinets were in the house when we bought it.
We renovated the kitchen area buying top quality cabinetry and replaced the antiquated appliances.

Its a small space--room for a table and three chairs.
The sliding door at the left opens to the backyard--and to the fenced in place where the cats are allowed to experience the outdoors.
The three boy cats, Nellie, Bobby and Edward, as well as Charlie, Willow and Willis all clamber over the fence.  The other cats sit dociley within the confines of the little yard.

The cabinetry is Kraftmade's Shaker style in maple.
I love the classic simplicity.
The cabinet interiors are cleverly fitted.

This one is an interesting construction.  The 2 tiered shelf unit pulls out so that 
two bins can be rolled out from the deep corner.

This is the corner over the pull-out bins.

Lazy Susan unit in the right angle by the range.

Pull out cabinet for pots and pans with a ledge above for lids.

If only I could keep things this tidy and decluttered.
In this small house it seems we continually move 'stuff' from one space to another--if one area is neat it means items have been stashed somewhere else--never quite enough room!

By late afternoon I was running out of steam and thinking that it would have been lovely to spend more of the day outside.
There is much still to be done in the living room--the shelves and mantle are endlessly dusty from the fireplace.
J.'s desk opposite the loveseat is a muddle.
My own desk is unmentionable.
Whatever I do--indoors or outside--I am assisted by various felines.


  1. Nice tour of the house - my little dwelling will never be tidy enough to show to the world and it would be a very short tour anyway! Have a good weekend.

  2. Wow, what a lovely and tidy home. You've inspired me to work on my own little place.

    I've got unmentionable spaces and places, not photo worthy at all. I selectively take photos. :-)

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  3. Is it really four years? I remember following your long journey down from Wyoming with Pebbes in tow!

    Your home looks lovely and it must be gratifying to have changed all the things you planned to change. These things take time.....

    Someone once told me that an untidy desk is the sign of a creative mind. I have used that as an excuse for my desk "muddle" ever since!

  4. Thank you for the tour, oh I love the storage in your kitchen. I would give anything for the pull out drawers instead of having to practically climb in my cupboards to find something in the back.
    Your house is so neat how do you do it and keep up with the outside too. It's and either/or for me, can't do both.

  5. Love the wonderful tour of your adorable and tidy home. I was flipping over the quilts. I still have got that far yet, but hopefully, soon.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a lovely tidy home and I love the simplicity and orderliness - and your beautiful quilts. Tell me it doesn't always look this way and make me feel better when I survey all the things around me that should be put away!

  7. OOoooo - I love to see things organised and beautifully folded. Everything looks absolutely beautiful and I really like those kitchen units too.

  8. a lovely tour sharon! You describe it as a small home, but its not that small by some of our UK standards, or doesnt appear so in your photos! Its lovely, warm and homely, and it doesnt seem 4 years since you moved!

    Leanne x

  9. It's looking wonderful Sharon, and I loved the cupboard full of your home-made quilts! not to mention the ones on display and on your bed. Your kitchen is lovely and I am envious of the storage space - it's at a premium in my kitchen as I only have one fitted unit, and the rest is free-standing - too many doors and windows.

    What a lovely home - you have really brought it to life again in the 4 years you have been there.

  10. Beautifully tidy, and I just loved the hanging quilts. Also loved the kitchen with its pullout drawers, as one gets older you need 'sensible' units not ones that mean kneeling on the floor to scrabble around for something at the back.

  11. how homely it all is. I was eager for quilts and I loved what I saw. I did smile about Miss Teasel in the linens.
    I do know exactly what you mean we continually move 'stuff' from one space to another, yep we are exactly the same.


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