Monday, April 22, 2013

With The New Camera, First Shots

I went outside with the new camera this morning.
I used the panorama setting for the above photo.
For the most part I stayed with the 'auto' setting or played with the several adjustments for macro.
I have so much to learn!
The software for this camera is quite different from the other two I've had.  The folder of photos disappeared somewhere in my PC.
I've found a 'work-around' to move them to where I can post from them, but hope I can discover the more direct way to store and access.
The booklet that came with the camera doesn't cover this.

The bee in the redbud kept moving, but I think I captured him.
When I walked to the mailbox the humming of bees in the redbuds was a constant contented drone.

Redbud sends up blossoms directly on a branch or twig.

This is a fleeting and lovely sight: 'seed wings' on the maples.
Aren't they exotic looking?

I was admiring the sweet-scented appleblossoms on one of the old dooryard trees when I noticed the painted effect.  It looks as though someone dipped a fine brush in carmine paint and very lightly stroked one petal.

Gazing upwards into the apple tree.
It has been allowed to send up new branches until they have created a twiggy clutter.

Redbud flowering on a nearly horizontal branch.

Redbud aka Judas Tree--dainty against the blue sky.

Clematis in the morning sunshine.

Plump clematis buds.

Looking at the upper perennial strip.

Pinks coming into bloom.  These have spread into a thick and hardy clump.
The flowers are small but very fragrant.

Edward, caught in mid roll on the warm asphalt of the driveway.

Nellie and Willow are standing guard over the entrance to a mole tunnel.
Closer investigation showed that an assortment of cats had been following the moles' pathway, stopping to dig every few yarrds.
The kittens  boy CATS came in with their claws caked with bits of turf and mud which we had to pick out.They troup outside into the dew of early morning, then stomp through the flower gardens, returning with muddy feet and wet, bedraggled under-carriage.
If I'm sitting with my morning coffee [my only coffee of the day!] my lap is a favored destination for wiping and warming chilly paws.


  1. I love the seed wings on the maple. Wow..that is beautiful. The one petal painted by nature is very pretty, too. The beauty that is out there for us if only we stop to look. Those cats sure do have a fun time knowing there is a soft spot to land when they get tired. Hugs

    1. Deb; I have always enjoyed the details of nature. Having a digital camera encourages me to look for things that would make a lovely picture.
      These young cats are the most boisterous we've ever lived with--they encourage each other innaughtiness.

  2. It's full spring there by the looks of things! I love the redbud, how the flowers are on the branch instead of on small branches sticking out. So pretty. The cats are always entertaining.
    Snow for us tonight, we've had an unusually cold spring, much to my dismay. My flowering trees were done this time last year and they haven't even started yet! I'm ready for spring!


    1. Shanon; I remember how winter seemed to go on forever in WY! Spring has been slow here this season with the worry that late frosts will again hit the fruit trees and berry bushes. The familiar perennials which blossomed in June in Vermont are done blooming here in late May.

  3. How lovely! Your new camera certainly takes nice sharp pictures. I'd love to take nice pictures, but I'm afraid I'm too scatterbrained to learn all the technical stuff. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of spring. It's been so long since I've seen a blossom, I've completely forgotten how they look!

    1. Jane; I find 'tech-y' stuff very intimidating. Most of the 'Basic Manual' which came with the camera might as well be written in a foreign language. My hope is to master good close-up photos and be able to zoom in on wildlife seen from a distance.
      Here in KY it felt as though we had a false spring in January then the weather went into a sulk. All too soon we'll be complaining of heat and humidity. I wish spring could be a longer season. We need longer to absorb the beauty.

  4. So heartening to see all those signs of Spring!

  5. lovely pics sharon! I look forward to more as you explore the cameras functions! Springtime gives so much inspiration for photos, so we should be treated to many more! My garden is coming along quickly now, and my blogging is 'waking up' after a quieter few months! its lovely to see the sunshine again!

    leanne x

  6. You seem to be doing fine with the camera. That apple blossom with the painted petal is beautiful. I'm assuming you used the macro function for that one? I found, when I first started with my new camera, that when downloading the pictures, it would dump them all in the downloads folder that I never use. Now I just select them all and drag them where I want them. I'm meant to be cleaning the bathroom but am being waylaid by the blogosphere! Rubber gloves on now....

  7. The camera and its owner have done a good job, lovely photos.
    By the way, I also love the drone of insects on a summers day.

  8. Your photos with new camera are great! I love seeing spring bursting forth there at your homestead. Very lovely and exciting.

    Happy gardening ~ FlowerLady

  9. Your pictures were already so gorgeous and now a new camera? Wow! The redbud is my favorite blooming tree.

  10. I hate learning to use a new toy have done well so far as your photos are beautiful you just need to conquer the downloading xx

  11. I did not know the Redbud was the Judas tree...beautiful blossoms and lovely pictures. You are a little ahead of us, = plums and cherries are in bloom here, but the apple blossoms are just at the pink stage.

  12. I like the cat photos peering intently at the mole run, wonder what they think is living down there. It looks good your camera, the blossoms are beautifully captured, just have patience with the instruction book ;). I have a Flickr a/c, plus Picasa is free, and all my photos go to 'pictures' on my computer....

  13. Good camera - it's taking nice sharp bright pictures. Loved seeing the boys out playing together as usual. Your garden is further along than ours here, as we are still very short on sunshine (misty and damp tonight), but gradually the trees are greening up and the Sweet Chestnut up the hill is putting out leaves now. I love that pink-veined petal on the apple tree.

  14. I love the way the redbud grows right from the branch, and I loved the painted apple blossom. I so wish we could grow redbud but too cold here. :<(