Saturday, April 13, 2013


I'm glad I took time to enjoy the Old Timey pear tree in full bloom on Thursday morning.
Rain and wind in the afternoon and evening dashed blossoms from the top-most branches.

The pear blossoms are so lovely.
I walk around the tree, low-spreading branches catching at my hair, trying different camera settings, never quite captuing the intricate details.

The tree hasn't been pruned within anyone's memory.
There are many dead branches toward the top.
On the bottom half of the tree slender branches clamber across each other, all in flower.

Seen from a little distance the venerable tree is mis-shapen and guant.
This is typical of this variety of pear, known in the neighborhood as 'old timey pear', more properly designated as Kieffer Pear.
From Nature Hills Nursery website:
The Pear, Kieffer, Pyrus communis, has a crisp, juicy, white flesh that has a coarse texture.

It is a consistent, heavy bearer that ripens late September-October, and it is highly resistant to fire blight.
Kieffer Pear is very hardy and tolerates hot climates.

It is a medium to large rich-yellow pear, and since the pulp of the Kieffer pear is rather coarse and hard, it is preferable for pear preserves, and freshly cooked pear sauce.
Fruit should be picked hard-ripe and allowed to reach its flavor peak stored in a cool place. Kieffer Pear trees are easy to grow, and adapt to most conditions.
Dwarf peach trees, planted in 2010.

Last season the fruit trees came into bloom during an expansive early warm spell, set fruit which was blasted by a late frost.
We remember that disappointment even as we admire the blossoms.
Gardeners are every hopeful!


  1. Pear blossom is lovely isn't it? What a shame that the wind and rain damaged it. The peach blossom is gorgeous too, let's hope you end up with some peaches from it this year:)

  2. I too love pear blossom ...and wish you well with the peach ...maybe some fruit this year as its the third year. xx

  3. With the pics of the lovely blooming trees, looks like Spring in Kentucky! Fresh peaches would be wonderful!

  4. They are so pretty. I hope you enjoy an abundance of fruit this season.

  5. I love the blooming trees. Our old place had apple, cherry, pear and plum trees - you can imagine how gorgeous that was. When I made my last visit in 2001 before signing the sale papers, everything was blooming.