Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Catching Up Sort of Day

Weather in Kentucky continues to defy the calendar.
March has brought us more cold and blustery weather than either January or February.
Still, buds continue to appear on the trees and the grass is greener with each chilly shower of rain.
We have had a delightful round of company.
J.'s beloved Aunt Dorothy [nearly 89] came down from MA, with her daughter, grand daughter and great-grand daughter.  This was no small journey to undertake.
Aunt D. and her daughter stayed at our house--the others at G.'s house next door--various other relatives converged for the weekend, staying at a local motel.
Meal times were uproarious occaisions of wonderful food, story-telling and talk.

I prepared two blog posts in advance of the visit as my desk with the large PC is in the space which is also the guest bedroom and bath.
Frustratingly, the two scheduled posts didn't pop up and I had to post them manually today.

It is always easier to welcome loved ones than to say goodby when the moment comes for leave-taking.
I always think the best cure for the bittersweet emotions stirred by partings is to get busy.
I laundered towels and linens, decided that the weather didn't encourage pegging anything outside on the clothesline.
We've had snow squalls, moments [few] of sunshine, chilly wind, spatters of rain.
I made use of the electric dryer rather than leave the laundry for a sunny day.
Aunt D. brought her little dog with her.
My cats aren't used to dogs and didn't take to one who barked wildly and scrabbled after them each time they stuck their noses into the living room!
The dog spent considerable time in her portable kennel in the bedroom, coming out to be 'aired,' fed and socialized.
The cats--other than the undaunted 'bully boys'-- spent most of their time in the basement where I set up an extra kibble feeder and water bowl.
Each time I went downstairs I patted the 'cat pile' of furry bodies snuggled on a warm old quilt.
After the departure of family this morning, the cats, one by one, crept upstairs, had a cautious look around and decided that the house belonged to them again.
With clean laundry folded and put away, the bed freshly made up, I took time to post blog comments, read a few of my favorites, answer emails.
Lunch was left-overs from last evening's supper.
A quiet day, missing family, thankful for our time together, knowing that it is right and proper that we must all get on with the return to routine in our separate places.


  1. Being busy is the best antidote to worry, stress, missing people . . . takes your mind off things. I expect your cats are very relieved that the Nasty Dog has gone, and whilst you are missing your family, it is nice to get back into your comfortable routine again. There's an old British saying: "Fish and house guests go off after 3 days" and I can vouch for the veracity of that saying!

    I hope that my letter and book arrived safely.

    1. Jennie; Letter and book in this morning's [Wednesday] mail--thank you! Takes me a while to really settle in and get back to my plodding ways.

  2. I am not sure where time goes ...not that i'm doing much ...I dropped by to comment on your 'crock' post only to find another ....could have sworn that I only saw it yesterday!!!!I love your crocks.
    You have been so so busy and the reward was your wonderful visit from family ...did you manage to photograph the four generations?
    I can just see the cats reaction to a dog ...especially a yappy one ....still they were warm and cosy down stairs 'til it was safe to emerge ....now you deserve 'you time'.xx

    1. Angie; My daughter took many wonderful--and silly--photos of the various gatherings. She has shared these on Face Book. I got busy with food and forgot about my camera. The cats were indeed quite indignant to have a hyper dog in their midst!

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with family and that now you have some great memories.

    This part made me laugh right out loud.
    ** Each time I went downstairs I patted the 'cat pile' of furry bodies snuggled on a warm old quilt.

    After the departure of family this morning, the cats, one by one, crept upstairs, had a cautious look around and decided that the house belonged to them again.**

    Love and hugs to you this Easter week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine; Cats are so easily offended! After stalking about to check that it was only J. and I in residence, they became very clingy and needy!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful family visit. When my son and his family come for their annual summer visit, they bring along their dog who doesn't like anybody or anything other than her own family, so it's a rather trying 4-5 days for our dog. Still, glad to have everybody together.

    1. Lillian: Aunt Dot's son and DIL visited [staying in a motel] and brought their little dog in several times. She is a sweetie and adjusted easily to the other animals and hoards of people. I think perhaps Aunt Dot's dog hasn't had as much socializing and was very nervous.

  5. I can visualise the cats creeping back upstairs. My mums cat used to take up residence on the wardrobe when my dog came to visit and had "saucer eyes" for the whole time.

    1. Kath; 'Saucer eyes' and inflated tails were the mode for the cats who did venture upstairs while the dog was out of her kennel. J.'s elderly Siamese grew tired of the dog and took a few well-deserved swipes at her!