Saturday, January 26, 2013

Iced In!

A clock of turkeys were undaunted by the icy conditions.
They browsed in the corn field then made their way around the upper barn and pecked about in the back field for over an hour.

It is difficult to get a decent photo of them.  Usually they scurry into the woods when I step outside.
Note the 'tom' in this group.

The concrete apron off the carport was slick with ice, so we crunched through the herb bed to bring in wood and go about chores.

Ice on the nandina.

Tips of a nandina shimmering with ice.

J.'s photo of ice on the truck.
It was not a day to be on the roads, and there was no reason for us to brave the ice.
Schools and county offices, the library, even the chiropractor's office [where I had scheduled an appointment] were closed.
Today has dawned bleak, but with a bit more light slowly appearing in the grey sky.
The forecast is for a rise in temperatures until we hit a balmy near 60F by midweek.


  1. We're thawing at the moment here! Those truck icicles are amazing; like a little fringe all the way round.

  2. I remember a lot of icy winters living in the deep South! Beautiful but potentially deadly to be on the road. No one can drive on a solid sheet of ice. I even remember a funeral that was postponed because of ice! Cold temps have prevailed here lately and I keep telling myself that SPRING will come! ;-)


  3. Nice wintery pictures, I enjoyed them. I would love to live where I could see wild turkeys. Looking forward to the balmy sixties. Newspaper says there were 80 collisions in Fayette County yesterday. What a luxury to be retired and able to just stay home and enjoy the beauty of it.

  4. Look at the icicles hanging off your truck.

    Glad your temps will be rising this coming week.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. I hate ice - and it looks like you got a lot of it. I'm looking forward to the 60s for a couple of days this week.

  6. Wow ...that is cold the icicles in the truck. xx