Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Have Been To Visit The Vet

A photo collage of the three kittens, Nellie, Little Edward and Bobby McGee, who were left at our farm on July 31.
They were desperately thin, very dirty, their coats matted and tatty.
We fed them, bathed them, told them they could live in our hay barn.
[They immediately took up residence on the porch, making frequent visits into the house.]
From the first moments it was evident that they love people.
Even as scrawny little catlets, they had gigantic purrs.
The thought of caring for more needy cats on a retirement income was daunting.
A local large animal veterinarian is associated with a program called
Lifebridge for Animals.
The vet's wife, who acts as his receptionist, informed us of this service.
One pays a very nominal fee and receives a voucher for spaying/neutering of a pet.
The 'boys' had their appointment on Tuesday.
They were meant to be delivered to the vet's surgery by 8:30 A.M.
I brought the cat carriers into the front hallway Monday evening, dusted them down and supplied each with a layer of newspaper and a soft old towel for bedding.
The three young cats spent the evening playing in and out of the carriers and it was no problem to coax them in and fasten the doors for transport the next morning.
The vet had several emergencies to deal with, thus the surgeries weren't performed until mid-afternoon.
We retrieved them at 4 P.M.--out for the count!
Back home, we placed the 3 cat carriers in front of the fireplace.
It was late in the evening before 3 bleary boys wobbled forth.
They tottered to the kibble dispenser, then had a sip of water, while I removed damp bedding and cleaned the carriers.
Having taken nourishment, it was back to sleep for our 'bully boys.'

By Wednesday morning--a bleak enough day here--the kittens seemed back to normal, if a bit subdued.
Here are Bobby McGee and Nellie at 7:30 A.M. on Thursday.
I was aware of a kitten or two purring on the bed in the depths of last night. Just before daylight, thumps and skiddings in the hallway, a small crash in the living room, signaled that the boys were raring to go!

While his brothers froliced under the tree, Little Edward turned up a catnip mouse and gave it a thorough thrashing.

On the front porch as early morning sun warms the concrete.

Nellie [on the steps] and Little Edward watch me through the glass of the storm door.

Nellie, behind the rosemary plants which are lined along the north edge of the porch.
Isn't 'he' a darling?


  1. It's wonderful that you two have taken on the care of these abandoned little munchkins. Damn those people that dump cats. It boggles my mind how people can be so heart-less. We used to have a vet in our area that helped with strays but now only the shelter adoptions get a dip in the price of a spay or neuter. We don't have very 'feral friendly' vet clinics here. These are three of the most darling little cats. That Nellie is far too pretty to be a boy. Deb

  2. What dolls!
    I have several boys that need to visit Dr.
    I know the feeling, taking care of critters on a disability income, but I would not have it any other way.

  3. Great update on the cats. They do rather tend to take over one's life. But I'm so happy you can find a way -- and place to keep them. Scruffy is firmly entwined in our hearts. He recently turned 10, so we are hoping he will continue on healthily

  4. They are gorgeous - do they ever actually go in the hay barn? :):) Wish we could have a cat or two but Bilbo Baggins is defintely very anti cats so we daren't risk it. Sad really as we've always had both dogs and cats together in the past

  5. So glad the boys are all back to being frisky again.

  6. What sweetiepies! It's hard to not take in homeless critters.


  7. So very cute! Good for you getting them 'fixed.'

  8. They are such beautiful young cats and it must be so rewarding to see them grow up happy and well. A good thing the neutering is over and done with and the vouchers will have helped.

    No wonder you called the grey one Nellie. He/She/It is such a pretty cat!

  9. Sounds as though they took it all in their stride ....they are so gorgeous.xx

  10. Well I'll be darned, I was only wondering a couple of days ago if you'd had them "done" yet, and the knock-on effect on your income. Glad you got vouchers. We have one for Theo too (but haven't told him about it yet . . .) Your boys sound to have bounced back very quickly anyway, and I am sure would thank you for saving them from endless battles with other toms.

    Lovely photos and how Edward and Bobby remind me of our "boys".

  11. sharon, they are all so gorgeous, it would be really difficult to pick a favourite. Glad they are home safely and cannot now father more unwanted kittens. bless you for giving them a good home
    Leanne x