Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Turn Toward Colder Weather

October has been a brilliant month. Day after warm golden day, mild nights after a frost at the time of the full moon. I have invented small chores to take me outdoors, savoured moments of mellow afternoon sunshine, bright leaves swirling from the dooryard maples.
One could wish that such weather might extend until at least January!
It was evident yesterday that change was coming.
The sun sulked behind shifty clouds. The wind picked up, swiping leaves from the twigs and whoosing them in deep drifts that have lodged in the perennial strips and strewn the driveway.

By evening raindrops were spattering.
I woke this morning [Saturday] to darkness beyond the shuttered windows and the sound of rain on the roof shingles.
My feet were warmly weighted with the furry bulk of cats--cats who always know the moment my eyelids twitch and beseige me to lumber out of bed and pad down the hallway to set out cat dishes.
J. had made up the woodfire before bed last evening and there was still a lingering warmth to that end of the cottage.
With the cat-clamor satisfiied, I pulled on wellies, a thick hoodie and a quilted vest.
Outside the rain was now a mere drizzle. The scent of woodsmoke was heavy on the grey air; sounds were muted.
I hurried to tend litterbox duties and to dish out grain for Pebbles the old horse.
She is stiff and creaking, every one of her 26 years now bleakly evident.
Willis and the tortie sisters milled about as I forked hay and doled out a helping of grain designated for 'Senoir Horses.'
[Pebbles is J.'s horse, but since I am often outside now before him, I give her breakfast.]

A few still-lovely roses catch my eye, and I fetch the scissors;
The smell of mint is sharp on the chilly air, stalks pummeled by rain and trampled beneath my boots as I reach to rescue rain-heavy blooms.

Inside again to the alluring odor of coffee perking--my one cup of the day.
J. is up and replenishing the fire;
Cats have eaten and are now parked here and there industriously washing paws and polishing whiskers, ready to curl up, tails over noses, for a quick nap while humans come to grips with the day ahead.


  1. You write like it's the start of a movie. I want to sit back and watch the day unfold and maybe even eat popcorn. :)

  2. Our clocks went back 1 hour last night but of course cats are unaware of the change, so they did their usual charging up and down, the signal that it is time to let them out and feed them, the time was 5 a.m. I was not best pleased. lol

  3. What a wonderful Saturday morning. The roses are beautiful.

  4. I always feel as if I am there with you when I read your posts they are so lovely.Such pretty colours on the trees and those roses are beautiful.Have a good week.Love Jill xx

  5. I could almost feel the drizzle on my face. A wonderful description of your morning round on a wet Saturday.

    Our old mare ( 22 this year and retired for several years) is still well enough to go into another winter. She is sleek and round after the summer grass and will rodeo about her paddock when she sees the wheelbarrow of hay coming across the field towards her. I hope that Pebbles will stay well through the winter. It is always a worry when they are getting older and stiffer.

  6. I agree, what a lovely post. I wanted to be wandering round with you. I hope that you are inland enough to be safe from Hurricane Sandy - it's a bad do buy the look of things. Keep safe. You're in my prayers.