Sunday, July 22, 2012

Too Hot to Play

Teasel: "I don't care about lady-like--its too hot to be proper."

"The heat makes me cross--just leave me alone!"

Charlie: "Could somebody get me a drink--and while you're about it, crank up the A/C."

Mrs. Beasley: "My nerves are fried, my feet smell--and you want me to be NICE?"

Mima: "Its too hot to eat and I don't want to be lovey."

Eggnog:  "I like the heat, it feels good soaking into my old cat bones."

Willow: "Yes, I do need this whole space, all to myself!"


  1. Oh bless them. It must be horrid to have a big permanent fur coat when it's so hot outside!

    Mine keep disappearing into the fields to hunt, and staying out overnight - just turning up when they are hungry . . .

  2. This hot weather is hard on the cats. My son's new cat -- which doesn't have a name yet, ended up taking refuge in the bath! Scruffy takes up his abode wherever the cross breeze blows. We have all the windows and doors open -- no AC but it cools off nicely in the evening.

  3. Great feline comments and photos.

    :-) FlowerLady

  4. All of the pictures are darling, but I especially like the ones of Teasel on the quilt.

  5. I see we both have 6 cats. Keeps ya busy, just meeting their needs when they decide to be needy. You have some very beautiful felines sharing your life. More on them, anytime would be appreciated. :)

  6. I agree with all of your darlings, its just TOO HOT!
    What dolls.
    Stay cool my friend, its Hades here.

  7. I turn a fan on for the cat but she has a long wait for the air conditioner because I'm cheap, so she melts.

  8. I remember once our beloved cats began to pant in the heat of a Connecticut summer, and we put them in a tepid basin of water - which they hated, of course, but it did seem to help them. I've no idea if that is actually the right thing to do or not.

    Your cats are very beautiful and don't LOOK grumpy - but who could blame them if they were...

  9. Lovely cats, all of them. I hope that Eggnog feels better for her time in the sun.

    A squeezed out , cold wet flannel or paper towel stroked over a hot cat seems to be popular with mine, on the very few days when it really is too hot.

  10. I feel the same way about hot weather as these willing subjects! Thankfully, it has been almost cool this week (although the A/C will be on later today according to the forecast). I like it when it's cool! Can't decide which of the cats is my favorite but I think one of the Himalayans!(sp?)