Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Session With Teasel

I was asked today to share some photos of my beloved Teasel cat.
A photo of a similarly marked feline was posted on our local online 'magazine' to which I sometimes contribute essays and photos.
The featured cat was affectionately labeled a "Kentucky Tiger."
I responded with the comment that an exotic 'tiger' also lives with us, and the editor suggested I submit some photos.
I have taken dozens of photos of Teasel since she came to live with us in November, 2007; they are scattered through two photo programs on my PC.
Gathering the best and formatting them proved a frustrating venture [my photo folders need sorting and labeling] so I cornered my darling and began to try different camera settings, overhead light on, shutters behind the bed twitched open.
Always the best poses happen just before or after I press the button and the flash goes off.
Here are some of the better ones for those who love cats.
I finished with a collage of a few photos showing Teasel from kittenhood til now.


  1. Goodness, she is a thing of beauty. I want to reach in and hug her.

  2. How gorgeous ...I love the expression in the eyes ....I think ours would adore her.

  3. she always looks incredibly soft fluffy and huggable!

  4. Oh she is so lovely. I like the photo of her with a bottlebrush tail!!!

  5. I love those beautiful blue eyes. Scruffy's might seem yellow at first but actually they are quite orange.

  6. So beautiful and the pictures are wonderful.

  7. Such a beautiful cat, - those eyes!! Just gorgeous. Your photos are wonderful - great job...

  8. So pretty! My favorite is the one of her sprawled out on the lovely quilt!

  9. Teasel is beautiful Sharon! the colour of her eyes is so lovely!

    Leanne x