Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Fresh

The garden has come on in spite of my worries over blight on the tomatoes
and in spite of a rather dry spell.
Yesterday I brought in fresh green beans--which had grown a bit bigger than I really like.

These are the first two cucumbers of the season.
I like this slender spineless variety--similar to the "English" cukes one can buy at great price, individually cello-wrapped.
Teasel takes great interest in everything I fetch in from the garden.
My camera was not quick enough to record the swift grey paw forking beans from the collander.
They are batted about until they disappear under the furniture, coming to light again, shriveled and dry, when I do a good sweeping.

Salad made with our own lettuce--a wavy red loose-head type and a green bibb.
Tomatoes are the last of those we bought at the Mennonite produce auction two weeks ago, broccoli from the garden [all ready at once!] and fresh tangy onions, local eggs, and a topping of
canned tuna to add protein.
Dressing is a good pale green olive oil, a slosh of red-wine vinegar, sea salt and a sprinkle of fresh-ground peppercorns.  I use a mix of read, green and white--much more mellow than black pepper.


  1. I'm with Teasel. Love those fresh garden produce.

  2. Yummy! How I miss eating from the garden.


  3. Mmm. Looks scrumptious. You would have enjoyed the Boise Farmers Market.

  4. There is nothing like fresh produce. I remember when I used to come home from work and pan-fry a piece of meat quickly and then fix whatever fresh produce my husband had brought in that day. Often we had as many as 7 different vegetables for supper.

  5. Looks delicious, we don't have much luck with green beans, they're flowering now, but I'm not hopeful. We have cucumbers in but no cucumbers yet.

  6. That salad is to die for! Yummmm.
    I have both English cukes and Japanese cukes. I tried a different variety last year, called an "Isnik" which is an all female type and had very, very good luck with them. Very compact vines. Very crisp, not bitter, even in hot weather. I have them this year, and they look even better this year.
    Teasel looks like we are having entirly too much fun. I have the same problem, leave for a moment and everything is on the floor, under something or down the heat vents.

  7. I'm very envious. All we've managed so far is to plant runner beans which the snails have decimated already. It sounds like things happen earlier in your part of the world too; it's been raining for what seems like weeks here on Dartmoor!

  8. Teasel is so sweet. I'd love to see her playing handball with the beans :-)

  9. So far I have only had salad leaves to harvest. Nothing else will be ready for weeks unless the sun comes out again! Your harvest looks so fresh and good.