Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charmingly Naughty Kittens

Time for a kitten update.
Its a good thing they are cute, as they have become rather disruptive little monkeys here in the guest room/office.
They are still shy, but coy--peeking out at us from behind things, coming close and tumbling at our feet.
We keep the inner shutters closed during these hot days, so the quallity of light for photos isn't the best.

Willow is more forth-coming than Wilbur.
Both kittens have amber eyes which turn green in the glare of the flash.

The sink basin is cool and shaped just right for a napping kitten.
But--its more comfortable if the hand towel is pulled down from its loop and arranged as a cushion.

Willow squirms and purrs under J.'s hand.

Willow climbs into my lap when I am typing or reading at the PC.
I've been finding items from my desk scattered on the floor.

Willow--being irresistable.

Kitten created havoc--the pillows have been trampled and the quilt has been tugged awry, nearly pulled from the rack.  The idea of kittens swinging from my carefully created quilt is unsettling.

Wilbur---who still doesn't trust a direct approach-- invites attention from safe places.
I love his out-stretched toes.


  1. Your house looks like a good place for a playful kitten (or two)

  2. Tee-hee - little ratbags!! They look SO innocent though (especially Willow) and I am sure they are forgiven . . .

    Sadly our darling Tippy has been gone nearly a week now. I hope he will return, but fear the worst as the rain didn't drive him home yesterday if he's just living off the land . . . I can' blog about it in case Tam reads it . . .

  3. They are so so cute ...wonderful shots.... I really would remove your beautiful quilt though ...kitten and indoor cat claws are lethal to most materials....not sure why they feel that anything hanging should be pulled down ...bless them !!! xx

  4. What GREAT photos showing how kittens tug at our heartstrings. I love their names.


  5. Every cat is an unending photo opportunity........

  6. They always look innocent, but we know better, particularly tabbies, they're always plotting, and then give you that, "Who me?" look.

  7. hee hee I had forgotten what a bag of mischief a kitten is :-D

  8. Kittens and comfy cushions just seem to go together. That outstretched paw is, I think, a plea for attention. At least that's what Scruffy does -- with claws spread. Keep working on him. They sound like so much fun -- but secretly, I'm glad they're your fun and not mine! Scruffy is still his charming, winsome self. Barry is completely smitten. He, not Scruffy, now wants us to play with him with his shoe lace I bought every time we look up from whatever we are doing.

  9. Willow reminds me of our Lucy kitten with white paws. She looks delightful but I do sympathise about the adventure and the disruption that comes with a kitten!

    Wilbur will "come round" eventually. He will probably be the most loving and loyal little cat, given time and growing trust.