Saturday, May 21, 2011

Storm Colors

We sat on the front porch as day slid into evening. Quietly at first a breeze flitted through, bringing cooler air. The leaves of the magnolia tree began to toss fretfully and a bank of dark grey clouds loomed to the north.
Thunder and lightning were mild and distant, a gentle shower pattered on leaves and grass.
The scent of honeysuckle was heavy and sweet.
A double rainbow made two perfect hoops in the strange light--the sky now almost coffee-colored, then muting to grey.

I tried several camera settings hoping to capture the quickly changing hues of the sky.
None of the photos are quite color perfect.

The rain ceased, leaving a cool breath of sweetness as dusk wrapped the valley.
J. and tribe strolled to the lower garden, came back to indignantly announce that since morning inspection four [!] tomato plants had been toppled by cutworms!
Tomorrow morning cutworm war will be launched.

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