Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blue skies layered with billowing white clouds have prevailed this week.
The sun set about drying the sopping grass and sodden garden.
While it wasn't possible to work in the veg or perennial beds immediately, we have found every excuse to be outdoors.
This post is a sampling of photos from the week. I intended several posts which didn't happen thanks to bloggers' outage. I also left comments on my favorite blogs--comments which are doubtless lost to where-ever such things disappear.

A neighbor stopped by driving his vintage truck and I asked if I could take a photo.
Daughter G. dashed over to pose and announced she'd be happy to own such a handsome vehicle.

Grandson Devin and I have roamed the dooryard at dusk, sat out on the front porch listening to the croak of bullfrogs, watching fireflies dance over the meadow.
The other evening the intrepid Willis decided to show off by climbing through the limbs of the sweet gum tree.  He wobbled along, getting perilously far out on slender branches.

Willis peers down from the sweetgum tree.

D. decides to go up the tree after Willis.  He was laughing so hard that he could barely hang on.
Willis, meanwhile, scrabbled farther up the tree and eventually made a wild leap into the adjacent redbud before plopping to the ground.

The next event of the evening was the appearance of a bristling "wooly bear."
Willis had to be discouraged from poking at it. He had, we suspect, every intention of eating it.

D. discovered the toad bouncing about beneath the garage floodlight.

The toad has just made short work of a June bug--a crunchy snack.
Toad is becoming a regular evening visitor, feasting on the insects which appear at twilight.
Toad was offered a June bug this evening by M. While toad considered, a mouse dashed from under the garage door, snatched the Junebug and disappeared back under the door.
M. D. and I have been out in the rain listening to the conversation of two nocturnal birds--not the call of the Whip-Poor-Wills familiar from New England, but a related bird who speaks with a slightly different accent.
We've been through the bird book: are we hearing a Common Poorwill? 
Chuck-wills-widow? Nighthawk? Nightjar?


  1. Willis is so adventurous! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I hope to post some kitten photos soon.

  2. I love that vintage truck! You are lucky to have a toad living in your garden - always a good thing for helping with the removal of unwanted bugs.

  3. thats a fabulous truck isnt it? we rarely see vehicles like that over here..

    love the toad too, he is very grand!

    Leanne x

  4. Your daughter looks very nice posed against that great truck. It sure is in wonderful condition.

    What a hoot Willis is.


  5. I can understand why your neighbour is proud of his truck! He must have worked long and hard to keep it in that condition.

    Willis is very much like our Lucy Kitten. She too loves the outside world, but her outings are still well supervised as the swallows are back and skimming the fields very temptingly.