Friday, March 11, 2011

It Rained....And Rained; Now, Finally, Some Sun!

It has been a week of rainy weather--spring rain.
Sometimes a mist, deepening to steady rain, sometimes accompanied by wind and thunder.
There have been wet chilly days when the sun made no appearance.
This field of daffodils [photo taken March 9] stands slightly battered, but lovely, on the banks of Big Creek.
This is the area locally called "The Island"--a pasture with the creek looping through it and bounding it also at the edge of the road. Prior to the great flood of 1907, several homes stood in the area; homes [and lives] that were lost when the flash flood boiled over the creek banks.
A close-up of the daffs.  J. was waiting for me with the car and rain was drizzling icily down my neck, so I didn't linger.
The sun peeked out this morning, retreated shyly behind a bank of grey clouds to the north, then came out in full force.
J. is trying out the vintage "crawler" which he has been restoring.

Delila phoned me to come and photograph the finished quilt which has been our combined effort.
Her hand quilting is beautiful and precise.
Sadly, whatever the quilt brings at auction it will not be enough to repay the hours of labor.
Delila seemed down-hearted, said that she didn't recall having a quilt 'in the frame" this long during the 11 years of her marriage. Her young children need more of her attention, there is the housework--all done without electricity, a husband, the cow, the little store.
She feels that if I were to advertise her work and she found herself having to stitch to a deadline, she might be over-whelmed.
Delila and Joseph are planning a 3 day trip to friends in one of the Ohio Amish communities. The children will stay with an Amish neighbor, but they have been unable to draft anyone to milk the cow, so J. will have to go up the road to tend Dory. I think we will be having a surplus of milk!


  1. Deliah sounds like she is conflicted about the role of the wife in the home as it was and now as it is today. I think I empathize with her, only from the other way. I'm very independent and the usual housewifely things don't always come easily to me. I think partly because it was never really encouraged in our home. I had never cooked a meal before I was married!

  2. What a beautiful quilt - that would take me YEARS to hand-quilt especially as I don't have a quilting frame . . .

    I loved your wild daffs - the Dymock poets knew them in their locale . . .

  3. Lovely post and pics. I feel for Delilah. I would think it would be hard being Amish in today's world, although that's all she's ever known most likely. How blessed she and her family are to have the two of you for friends.