Thursday, January 20, 2011

Softly, Snow

Schools closed at 2 p.m. today in Adair County.
Already it has been announced that there will be no school tomorrow.
The local on-line "magazine" has listed cancellations of events and meetings.
Doing errands this noon we were reminded by complete strangers that we needed to get home before it snowed and the roads got "ahcey." [ICY!]
Sleet slid coldly down the backs of our necks as we loaded a few purchases in the back of the car and headed for home.  Within moments the downfall tapered off.
Looking out at dusk I saw snowflakes falling in a thick white haze.

I stepped out onto the carport, walked around the front porch.
The stillness was profound.
No wind seemed to stir.
The evergreen leaves of the nandina shrubs hold the snow.

J. was still working in the shop and the lights cast an orange glow in the deepening dusk.
The distant view of Big Creek Valley is lost in snowfall.

The girl kittens were [sensibly] snug in the barn, but Willis danced through the snow, scattering it with his paws.

I made individual tossed salads for supper and served them while soup simmered.
Potato/cheddar, thick and hearty.
J. requested popovers.
I resisted at first thinking it would take too long, but what deadlines do we have to meet?
Above are popovers with J.'s homemade butter melting in the centers.

Potato soup and popovers.
Wood fires putting out cozy heat.
A fine evening to be at home.


  1. Yum, what a lovely way to spend a snowy evening! Willis is quite the character...i can't remember if i commented before on your pictures of him falling out of the tree. Your weather is on it's way here tonight...since i have no place to go tomorrow other than my desk here at home, i'm looking forward to some snow.

  2. Mmmm! Pop-overs. Yumm! We call them Yorkshire pudds-(ing). They're good with gravy or maple syrup.

  3. I think your "popovers" are our Yorkshire Puddings. In our house, Danny is the dab hand at making them, which lets me off nicely! Hope you're not snowed in.