Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspired By The Warmer Weather

 Saturday and Sunday brought balmy tempertures of near 60 degrees F.
J. decided to do some pruning.  The "burning bush" has had a severe, but needed cutting back.
I took several photos before noticing the camera was still on the "sunset" mode from the the evening before, thus the orange-y tint.

No, its not one of the Wright brothers about to launch in a flying machine.
J. also took down an ancient TV antenna.

Willis the kitten is a faithful attendant.  J.'s elderly Raisin Cat has been allowed outside for a walk-about.

The ever helpful Willis.

I enjoyed the afternoon sunshine while clipping back the woody stems of perennials.
I leave many of the stalks through the winter to encourage self-sown seedlings.
Willis discovered that the catnip is evergreen in Kentucky.
He was quite inspired for some time after having a good dose of it.

Saturday evening I landed on this blog: .

Barbara Brackman is a historian with particular interests in the American Civil War and in vintage quilts.
She is also a fabric designer and noted quilting instructor.
I have one of her books.
She is posting instructions for vintage quilt blocks with background stories and links of interest.
I decided it was time to start a new quilting venture--the stacks of newly unpacked fabric are calling me.
We've had a drizzle of rain today with darkness coming early.
A perfect time to enjoy the warmth of the new "family room" and play with my fabric.
The asymmetrical arrangement of the patches for this block did bad things to my head before I got it right!


  1. What a lovely cat Willis is, he reminds me of my friend L's old cat Oscar now no longer with us sadly. I like your quilt blocks but can see why you'd be feeling dizzy by the time you got them done:) It's raining here this morning so it's an indoor day for me too but I shall be family historying rather than making a quilt.

  2. I'm glad it's warmer with you. We have gone from bitterly cold and an inch of ice back on the pond, and frozen-inside windows, to a complete thaw and it's warmer outside than in with condensation on the OUTSIDE of the windows!

    What a brilliant Civil War quilt blog - I have bookmarked it and will indulge myself when I'm not rushing out of the door (first day as a National Trust volunteer).

  3. It looks like a good day was had by all. Your quilt is going to be lovely.


  4. I too will follow that Civil War/quilt blog ...thanks for the link.
    I could so catnap that beautiful Willis ...he is adorable.
    Cant wait to see the quilt progress ...did you come to any conclusion over starting a business with the Amish lady?

  5. Cute pic of Willis and the catnip! Looks like he is saying "yuk"!

    Thanks for sharing the quilt blog. Seeing your lovely squares with the wonderful colors makes me want to quilt again!