Monday, March 1, 2010

House Search

We viewed several properties today in Kentucky, all of which we had previewed on the internet. Of the five, three had been unihabited for a time and would require far more work on the houses than we want to undertake. Nothing so dismal as a cold and abandoned farmhouse.  One of them I gave up with regrets--the land was appealing even on a grey and chilly day.
Tomorrow we will concentrate on properties with newer houses and less acreage. As I remind J. we have sold ourselves out of homes in Wyoming and must carry on here until we find an acceptable place.
We are enjoying the KY landscape as much as expected--it has reminders of our New England roots.
The day started a bit grumpily for me--I've ridden too many miles in two short a time after the days of disruption at home. As I slatted about our room this morning, rummaging through suitcases for clothes that didn't seem to be present, J. remarked, "Wouldn't you think the sun could shine and the grass be green and the birds singing after we have come such a long way?"
There are glimpses of emerging green, and I did hear birdsong. We have rented a comfortable room for the week and will continue the search.


  1. I wish you good luck and sunny days.....


  2. Do hope you find a comfortable place soon with a beautiful landscape. I do dislike living out of suitcases.

  3. Good luck ...I am sending you good thoughts ...for you to find the right house with the right land ....soon xx

  4. Let's hope you find something suitable soon, I agree some houses have a very unloved feel.

  5. How disappointing. i hope that the ones you viewed today were a bit more hopeful. I am still browsing the Devon properties, but it's a bit pointless yet with ours not on the market . . . We will be doing our house-viewing and taking our tent along for overnight accommodation!

  6. What an adventure you are on! I'm so interested in your progress!


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