Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cottage and Acreage Photos

Back/west view of the cottage.  I have already seen cardinals in the branches.
Spring bulbs are bursting green and budding in the various stone rimmed flower beds.
Side/front of the cottage.
Magnolia tree at north side of house.
Across the fields to the old barns. One is partitioned into horse stalls with hay storage in a loft overhead.
Looking toward the road.
J. walking across the back yard at the cottage.

These hasty photos don't really convey the beauty of the March landscape. The cottage is small with some neat interior touches.  I have great plans for renovating the kitchen and personalizing the rest of the space.
No idea how we shall fit in all our furniture and belongings, but we'll think about that later.
J. is already thrilled with the thought of reseeding the fields and roaring about on a tractor, unhindered by time constraints other than those of the seasons.


  1. That looks so nice. I love the front porch and Pebbles will have plenty of room. Wonderful!

  2. Chris; In spite of major changes and down-sizing, there is a sense of "meant to be." I hope Pebbles and the cats won't find the move too traumatic--I wish we could tell them "all will be well."

  3. ohh excited for you!!1

    Leanne x

  4. This looks lovely, the magnolia tree will be beautiful when it flowers. I'm sure Pebbles and the cats will love their new home and you and J will have all the excitement and pleasure of making it really yours.

  5. What a lovely spot. I love the gentleness of the landscape and the wrap-around trees. I can see you all settled there. I am intrigued by the porch which is all roof - do you think you will extend the building under that? I am SO pleased you have found your new home.

  6. Oh, doesn't that look nice! It just has the feeling of HOME about it, and imagine how lovely to sit on that porch, looking out over the acres, with birdsong and sweet breezes...Best of luck with everything!

  7. I think I have "porch envy" now :D

  8. That looks just right MM! A home with real potential and a good plot of land. I love the shape of the barn roof. Real character there. How exciting!

  9. I am so pleased you have found it and it fels right for you both was very quick.
    I bet J is itching to start doing stuff ASAP
    What will you so with the barns?

  10. I think the cats and Pebbles, and you and J, can be quite happy there! The land seems like it has lots of potential for more building, more trees, more garden, whatever you want... Because of its straightforward shape, the house has lots of possibilities if you ever want to expand it (is it a manufactured home, do you think?). I see it's got a decent looking chimney, a leaning antenna plus a satellite dish, a walk out basement (is it a full basement? any windows? any access from indoors?), maybe a tiny heat pump?...nice touches in the plantings, including that big nandina bush in the front. I've got porch envy...and land envy too!

  11. QC; nandina is a new shrub for me--I think it will be lovely and I'm told it will attract birds. I'm delighted that you recognized it. There are a few other things planted there which I may not know.

    To All: This is a "stick built" house although very simple in style--J. would have to be very desparate for a roof over our heads to have a manufactured home.
    We have down-sized in square footage and style/type of home but rather expected that as a retirement plan. The lovely areage more than makes up for the simpler cottage type house.
    We have been to the local building emporium gathering ideas for renovating the kitchen and replacing all the appliances.
    There are possibilities for expanding the house, but we'll see if that becomes advisable or necessary.
    We are just excited to get the final move under way and be all together with horse and cats in one place.

  12. SH; Thank you for the encouragement. I can't wait to be there!


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