Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Count Down to Christmas

Raisin has made a nest in the old comforters that J. has been using to shut off the chilly attic space from the emerging staircase.

The staircase is a wonder to the cats and a place to endlessly investigate once J. stops work for the day.  As snow swirled outside late on Wednesday and the wind blew it into drifts, the cat games began on the stairs.  In spite of heavy plastic and old bedspreads stapled over the opening, the cats went into the attic.  J. re-stapled torn plastic, only to find a cat face peering through from the wrong side.  With the cats all extracted he stapled yet again, stuffed insulation and such into the gaps. The cats continued to find ways into the attic there to sit and wail loudly that they couldn't "get out."
After we went to bed ominous thumps and scuffles overhead indicated their continued exploration of the attic. In the midst of the snowstorm J. installed a window in the gable end. Now the cats can look down on the world from a new vantage point.

J. brandishes the stapler as he comes down from the messy and prickly job of putting up more insulation batts.  The cats said they didn't know him and fled into the bedroom, only to peek out---curiosity overcoming caution.

In ascending order: Chester, Jemima, Eggnog.

Teasel knows that Jemima is just behind the barrier---and waits to poke at her.

Daylight was late and feeble, cold, and with hoarfrost clinging to everything.

J. has been out to give Pebbles her breakfast.

J. still in outdoor Carhartts, has decided to make applesauce, one of his specialties.


  1. :D How wimpy is our little bit of English snow compared with yours! I loved the three cats up the steps, their huge eyes just spell c-u-r-i-o-s-i-t-y!!

  2. Hullo MM,

    Nice shots of the cats. Spooky eyes on the stairs though.

    Beautiful winter scenes when viewed though a pc. Dont fancy having to go out there in reality except for a few moments to take some photos.


  3. Your cats get on so well together. Some of ours are very nowty with one another - having come from different places at different times they don't always see eye to eye. Lucy is an outcast as she always lived down in mum's until mum died. They are all happy to be in the warm today, and have found various places to stow away until meal-time!

  4. Your cats are so beautiful...and it's hilarious how they kept ending up being on the wrong side of the barrier. They must be thrilled that J has opened up a new space for them to explore!