Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day in the Morning

The yard is criss-crossed with animal tracks: deer, rabbits, probably daughter's Tarbaby cat. 

The low-riding sun casts deep blue shadows on the snow.

The first floret of the paperwhites greets the cold day from the shelter of a sunny windowsill.

Wishing you all the joy and peace of the Christmas season, good times with family and friends, good health.
Blogging has brought such interesting people into my life.
Although we can't meet to share a meal or a teatime, your photos and words are a source of interest and inspiration!


  1. I am raising a glass of wine to you now! meeting you and getting to know you through your Blog has been a pleasure that I look forward to during 2010. best wishes Kath in England

  2. What a beautiful and cold-looking Christmas Day! i've greatly enjoyed reading your blog in late 2009 and look forward to more in 2010.

  3. Your paperwhitess have beaten my pink hyacinths, though I do have buds!

    Full of cold, and I don't fancy food or drink (unheard of!) but I will raise a cyber glassful of something all the same. Here's to happy blogging and continued friendship in 2010. Jennie xx

  4. I've made the "rounds" to see how you all spent Christmas!
    We are home again after the weekend at our son's home--and we are being heartily ignored by the cats, so it is a quiet evening.
    I look forward to continuing our long distance friendships throughout the next year!