Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shapes of Sunrise

Early morning mist. The mallards creating ripples in the pond don't show in the photo. Perhaps the two pale blobs represent the ducks--or are merely smudges on the camera lens. The finer points of photography escape me.
A pale misty sunrise.

The pond reflecting blue sky. Weeds have gone tawny and stubbly dry. The cottonwoods and willows are turning pale gold.


  1. That last shot made me wish I could be there ...just thinking and taking in what spread out before me.... such peace and tranquility.

  2. What a tranquil place you live. isn't it lovely to be able to capture the moment with a photograph, to look back on and be there, in that second, again . . .

  3. I can't imagine living in the rush and noise of a city. The change of seasons and nature scenes do much to sustain me--although the setting doesn't insure that all goes well, it is always restfull to look out at the mountains, the pond, the bird feeders. If only I had a proper garden! [Sigh!]

  4. Hello there MM,

    Been catching up with stuff after a short holiday. I have always wanted to have a pond or a loch or a river by the house but have never managed it yet so I make do with the sea a quarter mile away.

    Autumn is here with a vengance and all the leaves are turning and some are off already as the trees take their first shivers in the colder weather. I love this time of year though dont you?

    Nice to take photos in too as the light can be just amazing.

    Kind regards........Al.

  5. Al: The in between seasons are my favorites. I always wish that autumn could last indefinitely. I enjoying looking at some of your photos this evening; Cove Harbour must be the place you mention as near your home [?]
    I have been assuming that hardwoods grow in Scotland--oak, maple, ash? None here, and I miss them.

  6. Hullo here MM,
    Yes we have hardwoods here, especially in the lowlands and the Borders area where we live. Lots of pine forest plantations in the north in the highlands, but I prefer the lowland woods with their wildlife and wind song.

    Cove is near us - just a 10 minute walk down to the harbour and a 15 minute gasp back up the hill for an unfit old sod like me! But its worth it as its a lovely little place, one of those places that become a personal sanctuary almost. Its used by a couple of shellfish boats and I love the small comings and goings, and the fact that its still used and fit for purpose after being there for hundreds of years. Sentimentally I hate to see places abandoned........

    Glad you like my photos.