Monday, August 17, 2009

The Domestic Scene

I've had to bring this quilt project home from the shop. The fabrics are a lovely brushed cotton by Moda. The quilt, called Night in the Woods, is part of our "line" and is usually made 60 x72 inches. "The Boss" took an order for one in queen size which is a bit unmanageable. I've broken it into three sections of 13 rows. The cats think brushed cotton is very snuggly and I've been shooining them off--will have to use a sticky roller when I'm done. It is one thing to have cat hair on my own quilts--but not acceptable for my shop work!
The big buck is a lone visitor this morning. There has to be choicer munching on the property than this stand of weeds and native sunflower stalks. We've been surprised to see how long the antlers remain in velvet.

Whereas we've been seeing the buck all summer in groups of 3 or 5, perhaps as rut season approaches they are starting to feel competative. We are seeing them singly or two at a time. This big fellow has a slight injury to one leg, which may put him out of the running with the ladies or make him an easy prey for a hunter. He moved off down the driveway by the guest cabin when J. opened the garage door. These are Mule Deer, known here as "mulies." We also have the White-Tail Deer, an import from farther east.

The cats are very inspired this morning. I've given them a paper bag as a "hide."
Teasel on the left and Jemima on the defensive.

I'm hoping the paper bag and a cardboard box will keep everyone's activity staged in the great room--so that I can sew without helpers!


  1. What is it about cats and wanting to sit where they shouldn't ...with mine it is in the middle of a LO .. or a pile of clean clothes.

    Re John Blum ...I only had a name until I made contact with a cousin of my late husbands who lives in the us. She told me a few bits and I researched some but she rarely contacts me now although she said she had loads of information !!
    So far the only info is that which I have said on the FH blog plus names and dates of children. I'm sure I saw something about aquiring land in Arkon but I cant find it at the moment ...I am SO disorganised.

    I love your photos ...inside and out side ones.

  2. we have the white tail deer at out little cabin. The bucks do get aggressive during rut. Though I think unless you try to get close they will leave you alone.

    the little white tail does look kind of like large dogs to me. especially when you see them run across the road!