Friday, August 14, 2009

Camping Trip

J. with the trout he caught
J. and J.--the twins

Looking toward the mountains from camping area in Cody, WY

Two large birds circled around that rocky peak, riding the drafts--I couldn't tell what they were.

Camping is not a past time which brings a gleam of enthusiasm to my eye. It generally involves an effort at being a "good sport"--a guise which I can manage for a limited time. The departure for this adventure was pushed up by a half day which meant that I was scrambling to make sure everything was on board. By mid afternoon on Saturday we were lumbering toward the Big Horn Mountains beyond Ten Sleep, Wyoming, with the two 4-wheelers on a trailer behind the motor home. J.'s twin brother and his wife traveled with us in their coach. The vehicles groaned over the looping mountain roads, the drivers consulted maps and turned off at several wilderness camping areas only to find there were no vacant parking spots. With the motor homes rocking over rough tracks, we finally located a decent area, inhabited by a flock of sheep. It began to rain, a chilly drizzle just as we settled and started a campfire. With our breath making white puffs in the frosty air, we hastily gathered up the supper preparations and took shelter in our respective coaches. A reconnoiteur in the morning proved that all the wooded trails in the area had been posted closed to ATV's. Considerably disgruntled, the men decided to drive to Cody, spend a night there and then drive through a portion of Yellowstone National Park. We cooked over a campfire that evening in Cody and the good fishing improved the male moods.
The drive through the park was surprisingly uneventful. The only wildlife spotted was two shaggy buffalo and a deer. Grandson hadn't seen the Old Faithful geyser, so we made a stop there. The spot was crowded with tourists, so I stayed in the coach and drowsed over a British mystery. Our stay for the next two nights was a spot on Togwottee Pass where we have camped before. I tried the new camera when I went for a walk there, but haven't had the time to fuss with uploading the photos, so will save them for another post.
We arrived home late on Wednesday to the news that the realtor wished to show our house on Friday morning--the house we live in! Oh groan!
J. and grandson cleaned the camper, I dragged in dusty, campfire-smelling laundry. I began cleaning and tidying before going to work at the quilt shop on Thursday, came home to deal with various messes I had allowed to pile up in this little room that holds sewing desk, quilting projects, the PC desk, books---dear me!
I think I need another "vacation"--maybe the kind that involves delicious meals appearing, a lounge chair, complete leisure!

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