Monday, March 18, 2013

Torrents of Rain

The crack of thunder woke us a bit after 3 A.M. I stayed awake for while, but the thunder and lightning retreated.
The storm returned full force about daybreak--if you can call such a dark morning 'daylight.'
I took the above photo from the sliding glass door around 8:30 A.M.--didn't think to deactivate the flash so raindrops and reflections are greatly magnified.

It was lighter an hour later and the force of the rain was less violent.

Puddles glistened, but the boy cats, who usually want to splash, were content to spend the morning inside.

Across the road, Big Creek was on the rampage.

This is the 'ford' used by 4-wheelers and the folks who have camps up on the ridge beyond the meadow.
The water is almost over the road.

Jim, undaunted, took the red truck on an errand in town.
He carried the camera with him. Going north past our house, this is the submerged bridge less than a mile up the road.  [We don't have to drive that way to get out, but inquiring minds need to know the conditions of the nearby roads!]

The road to the main highway goes past Gina and Matt's house.
The creek has overflowed into the meadow bordering the road.

More water where it isn't meant to be.

The rain stopped after noon, and I hoped the sky would clear.
Looking north toward the worst of the road flooding there are a few breaks in the clouds.
The boy cats ventured out when the rain quit.  They came back in with very wet feet and their belly fur damp and tangled. Good thing we have clean quilts, bedspreads and cushion covers where soggy cats can recover from outdoor adventures.


  1. We have a similar weather pattern here and too much "water where it shouldn`t be" along the valley of the River Avon. The watermeadows have been underwater for far too long this year.

    It is hard summoning the willpower to get out into the rain to feed animals yet again. I hope Pebbles is coping well with the winter.

  2. Wow, you did get a LOT of rain. We are having a gentle rain, thunderstorms are predicted and I heard one clap of thunder earlier, but that was it. More rain is expected through the next couple of days.

    Love and hugs to you and yours ~ FlowerLady

  3. I wish we could share some of that rain! The flooded roads remind me of Vermont in the spring time. I had forgotten how this happens. Things are just beginning to wake up here in Colorado, bulbs are just starting to break out of the ground. I would imagine you are way past that? Are you loving the shorter winters?


  4. All your photos of the flooding creek give me the willies! Our creek (behind our new house)is almost empty. We looked into it all before we decided to move. They are supposed to be dredging the creek soon, but they've been saying that for years. All the permissions have been granted and the money is there but the EPA is holding up the work because the California Gnat-catcher nests in the area. So even though it also nests elsewhere, the lives and homes of 500 senior citizens are put into danger. You know I love birds, but I do believe people are more important. (The residential park was founded before they found the bird.)

  5. Gosh - that looks just like Welsh rain! Perhaps it's on holiday! Which way do your weather fronts normally come in from?

    We have been fortunate to be on the right side of the weather fronts coming through and poor DW has got OUR weather instead of us. 8" of snow has just been predicted for the North and East of Britain in the next few days. Poor Tam.

    I have to say, I do like looking at photos of or programs about wild weather. Your creek definitely comes under that category now.

  6. Scary, I think I prefer drought. We had a storm come up last night and it has been so warm I worried about tornadoes. We were lucky, not too much wind.

  7. Somehow you managed to turn a lot of rain into a fascinating post.