Thursday, June 23, 2011

Settling In

Two weeks ago today our daughter and her family began the process of moving their worldly goods from our garage to their newly purchased home a mere country mile along the road.
Matt and Devin have ferried furniture and boxes [oh, the boxes and bins!] carefully by the pickup load.
The house was not left as clean as it should have been, so Gina has spent exhausting hours scrubbing every cupboard and surface, scouring the bathtub/shower/sinks and the fridge  before unpacking.
M. gives up at a sensible hour and finds a place to sleep, while G. and D.--the confirmed night owls--shove furniture, paw through boxes, and contemplate alternate arrangements into the wee hours.
G. has a great flair for decorating.  Each time we stop by I am called to witness a cunning nook of furnishings and accessories--only to find by the next visit that it has been changed!
The cottage sits well back from the road in the deep shade of maples.  Walnut and chestnut trees rim the back yard.  The former owner did some rather formal landscaping around the house: hollies; knock-out roses, juniper, ornamental grasses and daylilies. G. is torn between the neccesity of settling the house and spending time weeding in the plantings and considering where she will set out her hoarded perennials.

The lilies in the landscaped areas include the common orange daylily which the former owner transplanted from a huge spread of them just along the road; I recognize Stella d'Oro and a lovely citron-shaded one which I beleive is Hyperion.
This charmer opened this week--the double trinity of petals is distinctive
and the "monkey face" makes us smile.

The south-facing covered porch is perhaps G.'s favorite spot--a real selling point when they viewed the home.
She has arranged "the wicker" so happily acquired at a yard sale; potted plants are placed to advantage.
The lineup of perennials at the edge of the porch are awaiting the planned garden spot. Preparing that is on Matt's list!

Viewing the porch from the side toward the back yard.
You can see the Hyperion lilies at the left edge of the photo.

Jinka, the idiosyncratic white cat, peers over her shoulder, ever alert to the possibility of T-Baby charging from the shrubbery.

G. didn't feel quite ready for a full house tour, but the kitchen is cleaned, sorted, and in working order.
As you can see, it is a galley arrangement.  The oak cabinetry was made by a local craftsman and is well done. G. prefers white painted cabinets and woodwork so the predominance of dark-stained oak in this house is taking some mental adjustment.  When feeling stressed and cross through-out the moving process she threatens to buy gallons of white gloss paint and slather it over the oak.
None of us are taking the threat seriously!
The little window tucked at the end of the counter looks out to the north.  Eventually the proposed flower garden will be situated in a splash of sunlight and will be visible through this window.
Tarbaby the Cat has decided that he likes to parade the length of the countertop and station himself at the window to watch "birdies."
[G. declares that he NEVER walked on counters until he peeked in the windows during his two month stay with us and saw our resident felines making free with counters and table-tops. A likely tale!]

It was overcast yesterday when I took these hasty photos of the dining room so this corner doesn't show to good advantage. G. collects vintage trunks, two of which are stacked in front of the window. Her 'Wardian case' holds potted gerbera daisies.

A close up of the window arrangement with a bamboo stand to the right.

M. purchased this sturdy oak hutch several years ago at an auction in Lander, WY. G. wasn't sure she liked it then, but is pleased to find that it matches the oak cabinetry of this house and is a fine gathering spot for
some of her cherished vintage pantryware and linens.
I think she has a flair for eye-catching arrangements--surely worthy of any glossy decorating magazine!


  1. What a beautiful place! You're lucky to have your daughter so close, ours is in Maryland, and she won't move south and we don't want to move north.

  2. This looks like a very welcoming home. The wicker furniture looks perfect under the porch. I would love a porch, but the weather is too damp here in England.
    I look forward to seeing how this lovely house and garden evolves.

  3. What a sweet, sweet home. I love the oak hutch and her vintage collection of goodies. Her front porch looks very nice with her recent find of wicker furniture. She does have a knack for decorating too. I'm sure she's enjoying setting up her new home.


  4. It looks very fine........and as you say it seems like a nice position.

  5. I loved seeing G's new home! Finally! It is sooo adorable, I absolutely love it. I love that front porch with her white wicker. To have coffee there in the mornings! I see she loves the vintage things, also. We have a lot in common with our decorating! Tell G that I loved seeing it all.


    PS Thanks for telling me what kind of butterfly that was on my flowers. I suspected "swallow tail (?)" but I thought they were darker in color but I suppose there are many varieties.

  6. Janet: I thought it would seem odd at first to have G. and family next door again--it all seems very natural and right although none of us could have imagined "ending up" in Kentucky!
    Kath: I began noticing the popularity of porches as soon as we moved to this area. Many of the older farmhouses were replaced in the 60's to 80's with small bungelows and cottages. The porches are very inviting with outdoor furniture and flowers during the long summer season.
    FL: I'm hoping G. will soon be settled and take time to relax on that pretty porch. I beleive they still feel like they are visiting in someone else's house.
    Al; Many otherwise pleasing houses here are way too near the road, so they have been blessed to find this location.
    Shanon: I knew you and T. would be waiting for pix of Gina's house. I'll be taking more as time goes on and those that I don't post here I'll send to you by email.
    You know G.--she's not going to stop until every last thing is placed to her satisfaction!

  7. What a lovely cottage, and how lovely to have your daughter and family so close to you. I am hoping that when we re-settle, our children won't be TOO far away . . . I know that G has a flair with her knick-knacks and collections, and I am sure the cottage will soon be looking even better than it does now and totally to her satisfaction.

  8. I feel that this is a home that will welcome visitors; with your daughter's clever touches of beautiful things she has collected. It looks a beautiful and peaceful place; and her her near you must be a delight. Oh, and I love the wicker furniture on the porch.

    (And thankyou for your comment on my charity shop finds though like you, I am finding it difficult to fit making things into my schedule at present. That will change today as one of our grand-daughters is seven on Tuesday.)

  9. You must be so happy to have your daughter nearby again , and what a lovely home they have found.

  10. Wonderful! It looks like a charming place, and to be able to get their own home in today's economy is very good indeed. The grounds look truly lovely, and I WANT the porch!

  11. What a beautiful house and setting! You are so very blessed to be one mile from your daughter! (Okay, I'm jealous here!) ;-) Love the gardens and all the flowers too. And that kitchen is gorgeous. I love the oak cabinetry.


  12. What a beautiful cottage, and everything fitting in so well. Do envy the verandah for sitting out, must be wonderful to have the family near to hand.....

  13. What a beautiful place .... I hope they are happy in their new home must be great to have them close by now.