Sunday, April 17, 2011

Domestic Activity

J. has been fretting for a week that he wanted a lemon meringue pie.
Actually, he has announced this need for the pie at several very inopportune times--such as 8 in the evening, when I wasn't about to launch a pastry marathon.
This noon J. decided he needed to go to Lowes to buy a new head for the strimmer.  M. G. and D. went along as part of getting acquainted with their new territory.
It seemed a good time for me to catch up on domestic chores.
A load of laundry was pegged out to flap dry under bright blue skies.
I produced the lemon pie and two fruit pies which went into the deep freeze.

I also made 4 plump loaves of oatmeal/molasses bread.

When the tribe returned from Campbellsville I was presented with a lovely Easter lily.
I should have taken a photo in daylight.

Grandson D. thought he could get a better image of the plant by setting it on the floor.
He was immediately mobbed by the cats, who wanted to see what he was doing.
Here Teasel investigates the lily.
After two days of intermittantly heavy rains the garden is--again--too wet for either planting or weeding.
We all pitched into yard work late this afternoon.
J. buzzed about with his rejuvenated trimmer; D. roared around on the riding lawn mower. M. dug out some over-grown clumps of something I think might be liriope---variagated thin foliage that turned brown in winter--no flowers.  G. raked dead leaves and debris along the front porch, while I pulled out Virginia creeper, lengths of poison ivy and handfulls of weeds.
J. took the clippers to the box hedge, somewhat hampered by the presence of Willis the Cat.
D. brought out the push-mower and ran it along the edges of the perennial beds.
Willis was very interested in all that we were doing. As I turned over dirt along the edge of the porch I uncovered a series of mole tunnels.  Willis pounced on them, running his stripey "arm"down the openings.
G.'s neurotic and elderly chihuahua chased Willis.
T-baby, the Maine Coon Cat tackled Ginger Pisser [the feral tom] as he approached the cat dish in the car port.  The war song of disgruntled cats filled the air. The dogs barked.
G. rushed to save her darling T-baby.
Mixie [the chihuahua] chased Ginger into the woodpile.
Accompanied by this melee of animals, we worked on until nearly dark.

The ever-helpful Willis
We hope for a sunny dry day tomorrow as the asparagus roots still have not been interred
in their prepared trench.


  1. Sounds as though everyone had a good weekend, have been MIA recently so didn't know that your family are coming to live near you, hope they find somewhere to live soon. That lemon neringue pie looks good, it's always been a favourite in our family too.

  2. Haha, what a wonderful, chaotic afternoon :D Your bread looks fantastic, have you poste the recipe here? If not, could you please? :D

  3. Wow, that pie looks delicious, as do those loaves of bread. You've inspired me to get off my behind and do some more 'domestic activities'.

    It sounds like you humans and the critters all had a productive time working outside.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Sounds like you've been busy. Lemon Meringue is one of my favourite pies too.

  5. What a productive baking day ...that bread sounds wonderful and I cant remember when I last had a lemon meringue pie ...home baked.
    Again a great shot of Willis xx

  6. Your days seem always interesting, always filled with either fun or interesting work or just something to laugh at. Animals keep us happy and amused! We are pretty soggy here (northern VA) too, but hopefully it foretells a good summer.