Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If You Don't Hear from Me.......

Is there such a thing as too many cucumbers?  As fast as I finish a batch of pickles, J. lunges through the door with another armload. I've never considered myself a great creator of pickles, but its either make pickles or lob cucumbers over the fence at the neighbor's cattle.

Only two hills of zucchini as J. is quite sure its not fit for consumption. The things grow so quickly from shiny tender baby vegs to something resembling baseball bats.
I've been freezing green beans. I'm disappointed in the yields and don't think the bean bushes look as hearty as they should. I have a second planting coming on and may try a third for a really late harvest. Learning to garden effectively in zone 6 is an experimental process.
Summer has swept in very hot and steamy. We are in need of a refreshing rain.
By mid-afternoon the garden looks limp and exhausted.
Pebbles retreats to the relative cool of the barn lean-to.
We hole up in the house with the A/C chugging.
The kitchen is a welter of glass jars and kettles.


  1. I've enjoyed following your progress in your new home, although I often forget to comment afterwards! Your hard work is so paying off with the fruits of your garden. It's a real inspiration :)

    I particularly liked your post about blogging and I often ask myself why we do it. Mind you, I have made a couple of very treasured friends that I've been lucky enough to meet in person, so that's one good reason :)

  2. We don't have enough room to grow cucumbers, wish I did I love making pickles, yours look wonderful.

  3. Hi Yarrow. Fancy seeing you here!

    MM - I have courgettes this year. After two dull grey cold wet summers and NO courgettes, I think I am going to have a glut of them this year as I have them under a lean-to plastic greenhouse AND it's really hot. I also have far too many plants as I grew a whole packet full of seeds, intending to sell some at car boot sale, but we've been too busy to do that. Courgette Chutney anyone?

  4. I love courgettes ...dont know whether you know that if you dice them and freeze them in portion , then you can drop them frozen into a bubbling sauce of your making and you would never know they had been frozen. The baby ones are gorgeous to eat too. I envey your produce xx

  5. How do you mean that about the zone 6? Have you been gardening in warmer or colder zones?? Zucchini or summer squash is one of my favorite foods. You can chop it and put into a freezer bag if you want, or grate it and do same for z. cake (recipes on my blog sidebar if you are interested - if you haven't already seen them). I don't blanch it and it is fine. I sauté it with onions in olive oil and put over pasta as long as there's some left in the freezer!