Thursday, December 24, 2009

All Beautiful the March of Days

The tune "Forest Green" is probably more easily recognized in the UK than here in America.  The words of  the poem by Frances W. Wile have been in my head these last few days--to the point that I've needed to sit at the piano and play the hymn a few times.
Whether Christian or otherwise, I think many of you will enjoy the imagery.

This photo of a fragrant rose was taken in my Vermont garden by my sister---over a decade ago.


All beautiful the march of days, as seasons come and go;
The Hand that shaped the rose hath wrought the crystal of the snow;
Hath sent the hoary frost of Heav'n, the flowing waters sealed,
And laid a silent loveliness on hill and wood and field.

O'er white expanses sparkling pure the radiant morns unfold;
The solemn splendors of the night burn brighter than the cold;
Life mounts in every throbbing vein, love deepens round the hearth,
And clearer sounds the angel hymn, "Good will to men on earth."

O Thou from Whose unfathomed law the year in beauty flows,
Thyself the vision passing by in crystal and in rose,
Day unto day doth utter speech, and night to night proclaim,
In ever changing words of light, the wonder of Thy Name.

"The hoary frost of heaven" has been a daily feature here the past few days.  This is a new coating fresh and sparkling for Christmas Eve.
We send warm greetings to you from our chilly corner of the world along with the hope that in whatever way you celebrate the season, there will be warmth, friendship, good food and the joy of some quiet moments.

Here is the link to Forest Green.  [Although I'm not certain it will work as it should and haven't time to wrestle with it.] Try this as an alternative.

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