Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ordinary Things

Three of my co-workers have birthdays this week. Our boss treated us to lunch this noon at a nice local restaurant, then back at the shop we had dessert--a lemon meringue pie I made by request.

Charlie watches early morning bird visitors. He finds the flickers quite exciting.

Teasel washing her paw.

Pebbles is on her feet more the past two days, which is good. She would like us to know that she is starving on her new diet. [Wretched Horse!]

The flickers were busy this morning. You'll probably have to enlarge the photo to get a glimpse of this one. There were four of them avidly bashing on tree trunks.

J. set down an empty carton and Charlie thinks it is his. He is not pleased that Teasel has appropriated it. A moment after I snapped this she reached out and gave him a good whack.

Charlie claims the box.
There was only a dusting of new snow overnight, less than predicted. The day came on grey and chilly, but an afternoon sun melted away some of the snow. With such an early onset of winter I shall be quickly tired of posting photos of snow!
We feel that we are in a waiting mode, a time of hunkering down, dependent to a degree on decisions that others will make.
I had to be up extra early, which delighted the cats. They have used considerable energy ushering in the stormy weather this week, so they were content to loll about after their breakfast.
At the quilt shop this is a busy time with special orders to make up and stock items to have ready for Cowboy Christmas, a huge sales event held in Las Vegas in December concurrently with "rodeo finals."
Corn chowder simmering for supper---chopped onion, bits of turkey bacon, potatoes, corn and some evaporated milk to make it creamy. It doesn't get much simpler than that!


  1. We had all the wind you had yesterday. No rain and definitely no snow, but cold for us. Getting warmer again tomorrow. Bailey absolutely loves boxes. Especially if I turn it up side down and he get under it then sticks his paw out to see what he can catch. About the only time he gets feisty!

  2. That chowder sounds good. Just the thing on cold snowy days too. Glad you had less of the white stuff than threatened with.

    I must get baking this afternoon. I bought some limes last week with the intention of making a lime meringue pie (first time ever), so I had better use them before they go blue with mould!

    What is it with cats and boxes? Ours love a good box too!

    Glad that Pebbles is better. If she has been lieing down a lot, she has been pretty bad . . .

    Wish we had flickers here, they look fascinating.

  3. I too was interested in the flickers on the tree. They look a bit like a larger version of our tree creepers. I remembered seeing a book on North American Birds in a box in the attic. One bought by my late father on a visit to the US many years ago. I have just dug out the book and found that

    "Flickers are jay sized woodpeckers with brown back, no white on wings and a black breast band. In flight note white rump, yellow or salmon under wing and tail."

    I would love to see one.

    That pie looks delicious!

  4. The flickers are large and very handsome--also very destructive as they bash and peck at log or wood siding in spite of the available cottonwoods. They are shy when I try to get near enough for a close photo.
    The recipe for that lemon pie filling is great--just the right sweet/tart ratio. Several of my co-workers took a tiny slice for their husbands, so there was none left to bring home!

  5. Charlie is do handsome ...a fluffy siamese ???? I find that if I give them a box they ignore it ... but one left empty for future use by ME, is soon adopted. I hope pebles is still improving.

    OK where is my slice of lemony delicousness??????

  6. Angie: Charlie is supposedly a cross between ragdoll and Siamese. He and his mate, Maisie, are both long-haired, but the two kittens are short hairs with very plush fur. They were rescued a year ago from the reservation--cats and dogs are treated VERY harshly there.
    Ah, the lemon pie disappeared very quickly--only crumbs on the plate to bring home. I would be happy to share the recipe for the filling.

  7. Charlie and Teasel are beautiful cats. I love how Teasel's pink tongue echoes a fabric in the quilt she's sitting on...cats have such good fashion sense *g*. My guys love boxes, too, and there are a few power struggles over who gets which one from time to time. They all love a little cardboard flat (that a case of cat good comes in) that's ended up in front of the fridge...the heat coming out from under the fridge is greatly enjoyed, even in summer.