Tuesday, September 15, 2009

J,'s Fishing Trip at Flaming Gorge

This salmon has a hooked jaw, referred to as a "kype"
Salmon, Kokanee, which is a land-locked variety of Sock-eye

This one is thrashing!

This creature is called a ling. Not considered a gourmet choice

Another view of the Kokanee
The salmon are out of season and had to be returned to the icey waters of the lake.

He should have been content with fishing. This is what happens when old geezers decide to water ski using unfamiliar skis and a wet suit. Not a happy day.
All fish photos taken by grandson on his cellphone. I took the one of the water skiing aftermath. The injury has been disagnosed by the family nurses as a pulled hamstring. Of course Macho Males do not seek the advice of a doctor. Day two of this invalid adventure--and I'm threatening to whack him with a crutch!
We had trout for supper, baked with salt, pepper, onion powder and rosemary. I didnt' take a picture.


  1. I found your comments next to the photos very interesting as I know very little about fish ... except you can eat them. How sad that they were out of season and you couldn't keep any. Trout ...yum. I love them baked in foil ...with lemon wedges in their belly and butter on top.
    Hope j's leg is better soon ....men will be boys !!!!

  2. Angie, I had to be informed the details of the fish. I like trout baked with lemon slices. This one was very good.Our family from next door showed up to help us eat and take leftovers home. A friend has been sharing bounty from her garden and meals have been creative.
    I hope J. is off the crutches soon--we are not dealing well with the situation!

  3. You say you have 8 indoor cats and marked it with a ! We have 18!!!! in total and only 4 go out. I try to keep the number a secret for fear people will think us mad
    Many would not still be living if we were not softies and taken them... a few were unplanned but due to the birth being traumatic I couldn't give them away and a couple were just abandoned.

  4. Looks like he had a good time anyway - hope the injury heals quickly.

  5. Angie, We've had more than 8 cats years ago when we had an indoor/outdoor situation. Didn't plan on increasing the numbers but last winter [ when we were down to 4] a mom and dad cat and two of their kittens were being offered at the pet shelter, I went to see them and make a donation and came home with more catty residents.

  6. Hullo there MM,

    I couldn,t cope with 8 OR 18 cats. Our two get into more than enough trouble on their own. White cat hair on dark clothes and carpets, bits of rug clawed and spread around, disappearing acts, sulks and hairballs being just a few.

    Hope your invalid recovers soon.


  7. We have ling here too, in the UK that is, and river salmon and sea trout . . . The two latter taste very good!

    Hope your walking wounded husband is better soon . . .

    Got my computer back now. Yippee!

    We have 8 cats too, who mainly just arrived. One lives outside but the others all have pretensions and want to be worshipped and treated like royalty!

  8. Our cats know they are royalty! Spoiled, catered to, loved!
    Husband is still on crutches--still "doesn't need" the doctor!