Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas Day In The Morning

Weather on Christmas Day was in the high 60's F. If we had a picnic table we might have chosen to have the meal outdoors--or at least on the porch.

On the back porch, a 'wooly bear' awake from winter hibernation.

Men of the family gathered in the living room waiting for dinner.

Daughter and grandson chose to sit on the sun-drenched east porch.

The sunroom glows in noon light.

The main entry door at right of the photo and a view into the kitchen.
[My Sister-in-Law commented that she hadn't seen many photos of the house, so here are a few taken while we were reasonably tidy.]

I am very pleased with my lowered pastry counter--it makes rolling piecrust or kneading bread so much easier.
Counter tops created by son-in-law, Matt. Shelves and tile detail by son, Howard.

Shelf to the left of the sink.

At the end of the day--Edward, temporarily beribboned!


  1. I sure like your new house, all the work that went into it. I would be in that sunroom a lot with the Norfolk pine. Edward is very tolerant. They did a nice job in the kitchen.

    1. Phil; I so appreciate the months of dedicated labor by husband and son which resulted in this comfortable house.
      The Norfolk pine has moved with us from our first year in Kentucky when I purchased it as a small plant. Lately the door into the sunroom is often open.
      Edward--he's not quite as 'bright' as his brothers and accepts any kind of attention as his due!

  2. What a beautiful home, you should be proud of all the work your family and yourself have put into it.

    1. Thelma; Its a house very much tailored to our budget and manner of living. Some things about it 'evolved' as we went along and found elements we could use--such as the interior doors and some of the 'trim.' I was 'allowed' to choose colors and do some painting, but I didn't have as much 'hands on' contribution as I expected--our son paints much faster and tidier than I do.

  3. I loved the glimpses into your lovely new home and hope you will share more. Enjoy the rest of 2019 and have a fantastic 2020.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady