Sunday, April 15, 2018

Issues with Blogger

For several days I've been unable to view photos on my own blog or on any supported by blogger.
Wordpress blogs are fine. I've run through my feeble repertoire of problem solving, so likely hauling the PC to the fixer shop in town will be the last resort.
The [very] slow transition into spring continues--two warm sunny days--windy--and more rain!


  1. I hope you are able to get it fixed. Computer problems always annoy me.

  2. Hello, I can see your lovely photos and read your blog post today. But, I did notice that your photos for this post, are "extra large" and extend beyond your template. The previous post photos are correctly sized. Maybe that's part of your computer/blog problems? Enjoy your week, Pat

  3. Nothing is more frustrating than computer problems. I hope you get it sorted soon. I hope you get some sunshine soon to cheer you up.