Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday's Progress Report

The weather didn't improve today, other than being slightly warmer.
The lower farmhouse was nearly lost in damp mist early this morning.

The boy cats went outside, came back with moisture sparkling in their long fur.
Each time I scurried between the lower back door and the workshop my glasses were spotted with mist.

Jim had a fire warming the shop by 10, a cozy place to get on with our woodworking.
I think he's caught a vision--designing some rustic shelves.

The 'blue' cupboard in its red phase. I was tempted to leave it like this.
My method of layering colors may not be according to standard procedure, but I like the results.
The cupboard is now wearing another coat of Cannonball Black with a hint of the dark red showing through. 

Jim's  finished creation of a rustic shelf, ready for a brushing of satin poly.
He made the pegs from a slender cedar branch--pruned from one of the cedars that appear at the left side of my morning photos.
The wood is red oak, our own harvest.

This is the unique board that Jim discovered in his lumber stack yesterday. 
The shadings are more defined than is visible in my photo.

This beautifully marked board has been fashioned into a hanging rack for a quilt. 
We aren't sure what variety of tree this came from; possibly the unusual coloration indicates that the center of the tree was diseased. I'm pleased that it is having a useful and decorative second life. 

Final coats of paint/poly were applied to several racks which are awaiting installation of hooks. 
I'm down to an odd assortment--not enough left of any one style to complete a project. 

Meanwhile, the house looks disheveled, although I hurried through the usual tidying of bedroom and bathrooms, washed, dried and folded laundry.
I am not a competent multi-tasker!


  1. Beautiful wood in the hanging rack!

  2. Jan; I all but snatched that board as it emerged from the planer--told Jim it was a 'keeper' and bombarded him with the idea of the quilt hanger.

  3. I love that piece of wood and glad it's a keeper for you!

    The rustic shelf is lovely too, and your shelving is surely going to look great when you rub it back a bit. Can't wait to see the finished look.

    Your weather has something in common with ours at the moment - we've had several very cold days but now milder weather is coming in, and we have had some river and hill fog too.

    Don't worry - my house is ALSO dishevelled and I need to get cracking tomorrow as Tam is home on Thursday and the top for Gabby's quilt is still on her bed, waiting for me to pin the layers together!

    1. Jennie; I remember a Christmas years ago when I decided during the last week of November to make several quilts as gifts. At the time I tied them all using a 'fat batt.' My Christmas inspiration always arrives too late--I'm not a 'Christmas in July' person!

  4. Envy your warm workshop, the wood is lovely, dishevellmnt is allowed at Xmas!

    1. Thelma; I tackled some of the dishevelment today, but more accumulated!