Tuesday, May 2, 2017


In the more than two weeks since my last post projects have been dictated by weather.
There have been cool showers, nights when rain drummed on the metal roof of the house.  Days have followed when sporadic sunshine and light winds have dried the soil to a workable consistency.
I have been determined to create a walkway along the 'L' of the flower strips--something that would define the edges of the plantings and make it possible to step there without squelching in mud.

I knew the task would be daunting, rather hoped that Jim might take pity on me and do the initial digging. When appealed to for suggestions or assistance  his reply was, in effect, that if I was determined to have a 'walk' I needed to get on with it, as he had other projects demanding his time.
The soil was just right for digging and I thought I could work down one side, allow time to recuperate and then complete my earth moving on another day.
My work went well, but as the afternoon lengthened the sky grew dark and the wind picked  up--harbingers of more rain. 
I gained the corner, leaned on my garden fork while assessing the length of ground yet to be turned, 

Storm clouds.

Green darkness.

Kale, Swiss chard and beets growing in the compost-enriched strip.

Green beans sprouting under various cat-deterring oddments.

A wonderful crop of kale!

Jim moving a woodshed not needed at the lower farmhouse.

Easy does it!

Woodshed set in place.

The Amish washroom is on the way to becoming a garage.

My untidy planting area on the side porch.

Morning glories.  The seed was saved from those that spilled over the pasture fence at the property we sold in the fall.

When I removed the miniature rose from its tiny pot [a gift from my son and DIL] I found three plants.  They are growing on in larger pots.

There is always a cat--or two--or three- to help with garden chores.  Nellie is particularly charming.

I loaded these photos days ago and they are now out of date!
I've spent many hours working outdoors.
The most necessary housework is done--after a fashion. 
I then fall into my old rocking chair to alternately read and doze off.
I pre-ordered the latest Maizie Dobbs mystery [Jacqueline Winspear] and decided to re-read the earlier books, so raced through those and have now devoured the new one.
I try to read slowly, to make a book 'last'--can't be done!


  1. You have been busy and it all looks good.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. Even being a few days ago, your gardens already look great! How great it must be living out in the country with that view! Andrea

  3. If I had to dig my own walk way I'd hire someone to do it, I'm too old for manual labor.