Saturday, May 6, 2017

Flowers Before Rain

Once again, photos loaded several days ago and not posted.
We had several cool bright days that were good for the garden.
The roses have blossomed ahead of the yearly Japanese Beetle invasion.
The pale pink are Hawkeye Belle, red are Double Knock-out and the variegated rose is the one which was languishing, name tag missing, in a dry dark spot at the end of the side porch. 
Moved to the fence corner in the garden it has flourished.
A night or two of frost early in April shriveled a few tips of new leaves which had to be pruned, but the plant--a shrub rose type--quickly recovered.

A delicate scent enhances the rich colors of the blossoms.

Iris came on in a rush. My iris are roots transplanted from several gardens.

White foxglove raised last year from seed.
There is a backdrop of the invasive unnamed weed which has pushed in from the back side of the fence.

Empress of India nasturtiums.

Clematis Candida has been a joy this spring. There was only one bloom last year.
I lost count after the first dozen opened.  The vine scrambled up the trellis and with minimal coaxing trailed along the fence. 

Rosa Therese Bugnet. The canes tend to straggle, but the blossoms are soft and blowsy, sweet scented.

Duchess of Edinburgh has settled in nicely. 

The iris were going past their first beauty in this photo.  I admire them for persisting in that strip of shallow and rocky soil.

If there are seed heads still intact when the current siege of rain lets up, I'd like to try starting new plants from seed as an experiment.

Therese Bugnet, fully opened.

Iris in the sheltered raised bed against the south wall of the shop.
They were plonked there at the time of our November move in 2014 and perhaps need to join the others in the strip along the lane.

Clematis seed head.


  1. What a treat to see all of your lovely blooms. I love your header photo also.

    Happy Spring dear heart ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; Flowers are balm for the soul--in spite of weeds, pests, and hard work. Spring is a lovely, if fleeting, season.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous. We are a bit behind you and now with three days of rain we are in need of the sun.

    1. Deb; I've always thought it would be nice if most of our rain happened overnight and we woke to sunshine on a refreshed world. The odd rainy day is a good time for catching up indoors but three in a row is gloomy.

  3. An incredibly beautiful your roses are! Oh I wish I could get Irises to bloom here, they'll grow, but won't bloom.

    1. Janet, You've given me something to ponder: do iris only bloom where they have a cool winter? I've found delphiniums don't flourish in KY unless treated like an annual [too hot? humid?] and they are too pricey to renew every year.