Friday, September 2, 2016


The cats have been busy this week.  Bobby Mac decided that there is something living in the woodpile which requires his nearly constant surveillance--especially first thing in the morning. He has parked himself for hours on the concrete pad facing the wall, then after several days took to stomping along the edge. 

Willis has decided that maybe the scene is worth his expert viewpoint.

Nellie joins the detective force, concealing himself in the weeds behind the wall.

We wonder what is hiding in the stacked wood; Jim suggests one or more of the small lizards called 'skinks'.  I suspect mice or squirrels may be checking out a possible winter residence and storehouse.

Perhaps by stomping about Bobby asserts his superior claims to the property!

Keeping watch, staking out a territory is demanding work--sometimes a cat needs a break!

I took my camera when I visited the goat barn during milking on Wednesday.
This kitten is wary of humans.  The few times I've gotten my hands on her, she explodes with frightened hissing. She does join the other cats when B. is milking.  B. talks to her softly, coaxes her with a few squirts of goat's milk put down in a dish.

B. arrived in late winter with 3 female barn cats and one neutered male.
The ladies all attracted local Toms and shortly supplied the farm with kittens.
They have just been fed and are enjoying 'time out' in the sunny main aisle of the stable.

The 4 newest babies are apt to get under foot in the milking area, so B. has provided a large carrier.  If the kittens seem in danger of being trod upon, she scoops them into the cage and latches the door.

Kitten on a mission!

Waiting for more milk.

Getting in the way.

Never mind the goats' feet--we are playing hide and seek.

I am a big boy--I've learned to eat kibble!

A rare quiet moment for Bobby and Nellie.
Our cats have been what my late mother would have termed 'inspired'--boisterous, noisy.
They unearthed a catnip mouse which had been lurking under the fridge and took turns batting it about the kitchen, squabbling over ownership.
Early Friday morning they larruped through the bedroom, circled the hallway at speed, hurtled down the stairs and back up again. 
I wonder sometimes what goes through their collective minds.
I was so misguided as to bring home a small oval rug which I put down in front of the vanity in the master bath.  The rug has been mauled, skittered, repeatedly thrashed into a heap. 
Bobby has draped himself around the edge of the dining table, Teasel takes my chair.
I'm waiting to see if all this wild activity ushers in a change in the weather!


  1. Cats, a constant source of amusement and bewilderment for us. What in the world is your neighbor going to do with all those cats.

    1. Janet; my neighbor is a bit flummoxed by the upturn in the cat population; they got ahead of her during a series of family emergencies.

  2. Wow, so many lovely kittens, you'll be knee-deep if they don't get spayed.

    1. hart; Evidently tom-kittens are neutered as soon as they are old enough--its the 'queens'who find mates regardless--and spaying is an expensive procedure here.

  3. Love this post! Makes me miss our Dusty who lived to be 20 years old!

    1. Jan; We've had several cats who lived almost to 20 years--they become part of the family.

  4. I'm betting on a mouse in the woodpile. We are sheltering 3 stray kittens and a mama. All the injured animals find their way to our door. Silver solution is our cure-all. Hopefully all the activity does mean a change in weather. This summer lasted too long!


    1. Jane; I'm with you on the mouse--probably a whole family setting up housekeeping for the winter.
      At least nights are cooler now--It has indeed been a long summer.

  5. The cats and kittens are a delight. I had a sweet grey and white kitten just like that, he was the sweetest things. I enjoyed seeing them all.

    1. Kath; I can't imagine life without cats. We have too many of our own to adopt another, but there are several of the 'barn kittens' I'd love to bring home.

  6. This is what keeps us loving cats, they are so unpredictable and enjoyable to observe. I love the barn kittens and was going through the pictures of ours when they were kittens. Would love some more but at our age it's not fair on the cats, just hope we keep going to see this lot out.

    1. Briony; We are of a similar age--and I do sometimes wonder what would become of the cats if 'something happened' to us. I can't imagine a home without the company of cats, so we put up with their demands and messes.