Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Officially Summer

Clary Sage

Although the leaves are large and coarse, the flower stalk is elegant. 
Clary is a biennial. I grew it first in Gradyville but moved before discovering if it might self-sow or need new plants raised each year.  I should perhaps have started some this spring ready to set out in the fall and insure a continuity of bloom.

Phlox, "Laura"  [or is it "Jenna"--I planted both, will have to check the labels.

Platycodon/Balloon Flower.

I moved a stringy root of this from the Bedford stone house with some mis-givings about its chance of survival. I was happily surprised to discover that it has settled in. 

I wonder what caused the frilled petals of this self-seeded cosmos. 

A late poppy, likewise ruffled.

Bobby Mac toiling from the weedy pasture to the house on Sunday afternoon.
He was panting with the heat and has seemed lethargic, not as ready to dash outside.

Willis--who loves to lurk in foliage.
I am not a summer person. I remember as a child, longing for summer, only to droop when July heat and humidity dominated our Vermont weather.
In Kentucky summer begins in mid-May--give or take a few days.
By the solstice the heat has enveloped us like a thick damp blanket. 
Laundry pegged on the lines in mid-morning has to have a tumble in the dryer when brought in late in the day. The freshness of a cool shower and clean clothing melts away after 15 minutes outdoors.
The indoor cats sprawl in odd places, the outdoor cats seek the shade.
A walk down the lane at mid day to check the mailbox leaves me breathless and mildly cross.
The goats lounge in the pasture or alongside the barn, reviving in the evening to browse, the kids to caper and play.
Growing vegetables seems to be an endless battle with bugs and blight. We watch the weather forecast, hoping for the showers that have thus far 'gone around.'
We cope--with cold drinks, fans, the portable A/C and the de-humidifier.
Outdoor work is scheduled for the early morning hours before the sun climbs high in the sky.
I am thankful for the comparatively slower pace of 'retirement'--what we don't get done today can be postponed until tomorrow!


  1. I understand your enjoyment of retirement. At 79, I simply would not be able to keep up the pace of employment plus daily life any more, although some do. I have an acre of uneven to steep terrain to garden, and have given in to hiring college age "children". During hot weather we work 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. It is cooler then, but that is the most humid time of the day. Yesterday was so hot, humid, with zero breeze it almost did me in, had to have help with getting some drinking water. Thankfully, it started raining at 10 a.m. so we stopped for the day. Today, I will carry an ice pack wrapped in small towel to apply to face, head, hands and back of neck in an effort to keep down my core temperature. I've told them there is a reason the news people say to check on your pets and the elderly during very hot and very cold weather.

    1. Barbee; It sounds like you had an uncomfortable reminder of the perils of outdoor work in hot weather. I am realizing that I need to practice the old rule of quitting while I am still ahead. We are struggling with very rocky soil--need to do a great deal of improvement with compost and such. Raised beds, please!

  2. The summer heat and humidity definitely flag our enthusiasm for outdoor work. Out early to get anything done, then it's time to hibernate. :-)

    You've got some lovely blooms.

    Happy Summer ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; Having visited in your part of FL I am amazed at how you continue to garden in the constant heat and humidity.

  3. I envy your summer sunshine. We have yet another grey day here, after thunderstorms and rain.

    The frilly cosmos is so pretty. Not sure I have seen one like it before.

    1. Ann; I'm not sure what is causing the 'frills' on some of the cosmos. They seeded themselves, so I'm wondering if the odd looking ones are a 'cross.'

  4. Your summer sounds like ours. I liked summer when I was younger, but it just beats me down now and I look forward to Fall.

  5. Janet; Summer has become a bit of an endurance test! Fall is my favorite season.