Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Wedding

I have waited a week to post about this much-anticipated event--the wedding of our son, Howard, to the lovely lady, Dawn, whom he dated years ago when they were 18.
Although Dawn knew her heart then, as so often happens, the young man did not.
Both survived the rough patches of failed marriages and some years alone before re-connecting earlier this year.
It was love at second sight--and we are honored to welcome her into our family at last.

Wedding rehearsal;
Dawn and Howard with the friend who would lead them in their vows.

Susan, our niece, applies her talents to the decorations.

Friends of Dawn offered their tropical garden as the venue for ceremony and reception.

Howard stands with scissors and glue gun at the ready while decoration of the pavilion is discussed.

The groom and his best man [his Uncle Andrew] ready for the drive to the wedding.

The groom, well-dosed with allergy meds against the profusion of flowers involved.

Howard leads me to my chair.
Perhaps the wedding planners hadn't thought that the late afternoon hour would place the lower garden in blazing sun!

Jim, hair wafting in the breeze, escorts the bride along the flower-strewn aisle.

The bride, an accomplished vocalist, sings to her love.

Matron of honor, the bride's sister, Jennie, supplied the harmony.

The exchange of vows.

Posing at the pavilion.
You can see the slanting rays of sun which made photos a bit awkward.

Katie, Howard's dear dog, obligingly wore the flowered collar which Dawn bought for her. 

The table prepared for the bride and groom--before the flowers were moved in deference to allergies.

It didn't take the groom long to be out of his finery!
So many photos--so many memories to cherish as a family.
  For us, a quiet morning walk on the beach before being delivered to the airport for the day-long journey back to Kentucky. 
The newly weds planned a week of sorting themselves and quietly enjoying time together with the rush and bustle behind them.
Blessings on them!


  1. Congratulations to your son and new daughter-in-law.

  2. I like the relaxed look of this wedding, to me, it is ideal. A beautiful couple who found each other again, now that is a romance.

  3. What wonderful photos - they look so well suited. What a lovely place to be wed - though I hope the anti-allergy meds helped and Howard didn't have the sneezealums during the ceremony! I am SO glad that Dawn got her man in the end : )

  4. Beautiful wedding! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

  5. Well, what a happy event you all had! I wish the couple love & happiness.

    You and Jim look great. The last photo of bride and groom is sweet.


  6. Lovely wedding photos, I really like the one of Katie with her pretty flowery collar. My best wishes to the bride and groom for a long and happy marriage.

  7. Nice photos of a beautiful wedding. Congratulations to the family. How cute is that dog. :) Deb

  8. Congratulations to them both and wishing them many good, happy years together!

  9. What a wonderful story and wonderful wedding. I love the clothing for everyone (you look beautiful). Also love that the dog was included.

  10. Congratulations to your son and his new wife, just shows, it's never too late to be with the one you love.

  11. it all looks wonderful, what a glorious day. I would have loved to see that amazing garden.