Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Earlier in the Week

I awoke around 4 A.M. Sunday morning to the sound of a whining wind.
I lay in the dark, bundled about with quilts and cats, wondering if the sounds were in fact the neighboring farmer's tractor moving the huge bales of hay which line the field west of our boundary.
I padded into the bathroom and twitched aside the curtain to view the back yard. 
In the glow of the yard light, raindrops glistened on the bare twigs of the rose bushes.
Wind moved through the treetops.
It was definitely not a day to get up early.
Several hours later the fitful rain had stopped, but the wind still sang with a wailing tone.
The cats, inspired as always by change in the weather, romped back and forth through the narrow hallway and fell over each other going down the stairs.
Inky-blue clouds piled along the horizon though the low sun struggled to break through.

I took kibble out to the dish on the front porch for the feral cats.
It was too chilly to linger.

We headed to the farm, driving through a landscape of dramatic sun and shadows.

By mid-afternoon Jim had most of the outlets in the kitchen and dining area wired into the main box.
One by one he turned on lamps and flipped switches for sconces and ceiling lights.

Another 'can light' for the kitchen entry area.

The wall sconce is glowing in the alcove where the new curtains have been hung.
The valance, like the full curtains in dining area, is made from a heavy 'homespun' fabric which I purchased on ebay.
The lacey tiers I fashioned from ruffled lace curtains which the late owner of the stone house left behind. [I do love to re-purpose things!]

On Monday we had a few errands before heading to the farm.
Jim had taken forever at the bank [talking!] while I sat in the car waiting.
He did ask if I wanted him to leave the car running, and I said 'No' thinking he would only be a moment.  It was the one time I didn't have my purse and the spare car key with me.
By the time he rather nonchalantly reappeared I was chilled--and silently fuming.
Our next stop was at Tractor Supply--the farm store where I prefer to get pet supplies.
At the entrance door was a display of discounted bulbs.
I felt that an amaryillis would make up for feeling cold and deserted!
I didn't have room for many plants at the yellow house;
the farmhouse has many windows which will be ideal for winter bulbs.
I tucked the amaryllis into the pot which was part of the package and set it on the table in the alcove.
In the basement, I moved all the plants I am wintering inside into the inner basement room.
There are three east-facing windows and the room stays decently warm.
I remembered that the Millers had left a rather shabby washstand in one of the upstairs bedrooms, so began dragging it down for use as a plant table.
Jim heard me thumping down the stairs, marched up and removed the stand from my rather precarious grasp and carted it down the two flights of stairs.

Willis comes from the buggy barn to meet us each morning, as soon as he hears our vehicle crunching up the drive.
He prowls about inside, inspects what we are doing, retires for a nap on the bed.
On Monday he became entranced with the upper kitchen cabinets which at present are minus their doors.

Willis made the rounds of the cabinets, showing a preference for the second shelf in each unit.
He hopped onto the breakfast bar, walked to the end and jumped down.
Padding across the kitchen he again vaulted to the long counter and made his way to the corner cupboard.
There he stayed, posing as job supervisor, until it was time for us to turn out the lights and return 'home' for the night.
He is good natured about being turfed out, shrugging his stripey shoulders and heading off to the small barn to snuggle with his mates in the hay.


  1. I love your descriptions of your day, they are always atmospheric and visual.

  2. What a poppet Willis is! I don't blame you for getting that Amarylis - I think you earned it, getting chilled in the car. I like the warm tones in the curtains. Progress is certainly being made - do you have a rough idea of when you might be moving in?

  3. I'm glad you have electricity in your new home. Your curtains are lovely. Willis is a hoot!

    I hope you have a great day today.


  4. Sounds like things are going quite well in the new home. Aw...look at Willis. Cats do love to be up high in a cupboard.