Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Days of Summer

All from the garden!
The onions and green pepper became part of a stir fry with chicken.
The smooth-skinned cucumber was sliced and marinated in a vinegar dressing.

From time to time I've found a smashed bird's egg far from a convenient tree or bush.
This one was lying on the drive when I walked down to the mailbox on Monday morning.
Do birds sometimes experience an "oops" moment and release an egg from mid-air?

Self-seeded cleome is blooming alongside the bid rock in the middle of hte front yard.

This weedy pink flower has also sprung up in the grass around the rock.
I don't recall if it is something I planted last year--or its name--[silene?]

Whorled seedhead of white clematis.
I am watching a number of plants for ripened seeds to collect and propogate.

One of my favorite achilleas.

The gorgeous pink phlox is coming into bloom
I must divide a bit of it for the garden at the 'other house.'

Clary Sage--a biennial.
The blossoms are fascinating; they have a faint citrus scent.

A bee investigates a head of coneflower.

Billowing shades of rose and pink.

Inside, escaping from summer's heat--Edward fits himself into the cool porcelain
 of the bathroom sink!


  1. Your garden vegetables are a month or so further on than ours.
    So many lovely flowers in your garden. Now you have the challenge of making a new garden when you move!

    Edward is a sensible cat in the heat of summer :-)

  2. I love all of your blooms and what a hoot, Edward enjoying the bathroom sink. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. There is nothing like the taste of vegetables fresh from the garden this time of year. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous cat in the sink.