Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Gallery of Cats

I loaded flower photos onto my PC and started down the hall to put away my camera.
A glance in the bedroom discovered a 'cat pile' on the bed.
Teasel [aka Mamma's Darling] can nearly always be coaxed to pose prettily for a photo session.

I admire her striped stockings and velvety toes.

The dangling strap of my camera has claimed her attention.

With the strap removed from her grasp Teasel registers an aloof moment.

The strap obviously didn't taste good.

A soulful face.

Mima has lovely plush fur.
She has little or no brain--we suspect that her father, Charlie, and her late mother, Maisie, were too closely related for their unfortunate progeny to be intelligent.
This cat family was rescued from the Wind River Indian Reservation when the kittens were 
tiny and half-starved.

Mima wishes to be left alone.

Nellie dreams after a heavy session of hunting.

Nellie has a laid-back, amiable disposition.
He somewhat resembles a lanky dustmop.
The tuffets on his ears remind me of a lynx.


  1. Your pile of cats is charming.

  2. Terra; There is always an assortment of cats 'piled' indoors and out.

  3. I'm sure Mimi is the sweetest of all. The 'not so smart' ones seem to purr their life away. We have one like that in our home presently. All three are beautiful. Nellie has always been attractive to me with his splotchy nose and lovely ear tufts. They are three very fortunate cats to have won the lottery with such a loving home. Hugs, Deb

    1. Deb; Mima and her socially challenged brother, Chester, are apt to be skittery--attention and affection are very much on their terms, not ours. Both of them land heavily on me as soon as I'm settled in bed for the night--that's when the purring begins.
      Nellie is a most amiable boy. He and his brothers, who arrived in such dirty and starved condition, are devoted to their human family--perhaps out of gratitude.

  4. Some lovely portraits that could convert me into a "cat person" if I'm not careful!

  5. Lovely photos of the cats. I am sure that Nellie's tufted ears (and general size/shape) show Maine Coone blood in his ancestry. Mima reminds me of dear departed Gypsy, who was incredibly dense - too dense to learn how to use the cat flap in fact! Banshee doesn't use it either, but that is through Princess-and-the-Pea choice!!

  6. Teasel has beautiful blue eyes.

  7. Funny you should mention Mima not being too clever and this may be the result of inbreeding. Fred, now passed on was also brainless and thinking about your comment made me realise that he came from a lady who was constantly breeding her cats and this was maybe the cause of him being dim.

  8. What a lovely series of photos!

  9. A passel (sp) of beautiful cats!!