Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mid-Week Photos

I loaded these photos on Wednesday morning as we were preparing for a visit from J's sister and 
brother-in-law who planned a stop here enroute from their home in Ohio to a few weeks vacation in Florida.
By Friday I had forgotten [it was a busy Friday] that I neglected to complete the post.
Mornings have been slow this week, rather chilly, sun a bit wavery.

I decided to change all the bedding in the guest room to create a spring-time look--fresh pastel colors in a quilt which I made last summer.

I had the help of several cats as I smoothed clean sheets and plumped pillows.
Bobby decided that the quilt became him.

The room ready for guests--who fortunately love cats!

Outside the daffodils are progressing very slowly--none of the buds have yet unfolded.

In spite of sharpish winds, sunlight and blue skies are encouraging.
Red maple buds glow on silvery branches.

A few silky grey 'kittens' are showing on the goat willow in the front yard..

Grey button-like buds on a dogwood.

Note the red leaf bud of a vintage peony poking up through cold soil.

The tree peony is an early flowering variety which sometimes sets flower buds too early and is nipped by a late frost.
Here the leaf buds are beginning to swell.
There are few signs of life in my herb garden and little to encourage me in the perennial strips.
Spring this year is a waiting game.


  1. Oh, you are way ahead of us. There isn't one sign of Spring anywhere. Bobby decided that the quilt became that!

  2. Well of course the cats had to try out the fresh quilt. Scruffy only likes the bed in my sister's room and of course she is allergic to cats.

  3. It's a beautiful quilt - Bobby has good taste!! I loe the quilt on the wall too - I am thinking about doing something similar with the blocks and pieces I got from the charity shop last week. WHEN I can get motivated.

    Glad to see the first signs of spring in your garden - I guess it will move on swiftly the minute you have a few warm days.

  4. Such lovely pictures and your quilt is gorgeous, so is Bobby :D Spring is progressing here, so long as it doesn't get all washed away in the floods!!!

  5. You're also way ahead of us in southwest Ohio, but I love to see the pictures. If we can get through the ice and snow that's predicted through Monday, maybe we'll be due for some nice weather.

  6. That bed looks so inviting! I'm assuming the quilt is one of yours? Beautiful.