Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weather Journal, Day 3

Out of bed about 6:30. Cats clamoring, house chilly, but not dreadfully cold.
Decided to keep downstairs fire going as there was a nice heap of glowing orange coals.
The usual, feed cats, make my coffee, stoke the upstairs fire.
Bed spread up smoothly--the covers are barely disturbed when I'm the only one sleeping there.
The battery for the new camera was charged, so went out to the porch to record the sunrise.

Horse fed and pilled. [I feel quite smug that I'm getting the meds down her, stuffing the pill into a 
slit in half a carrot!]
Sloshed two buckets of hot water onto the layer of ice in the watering trough, gave a few half-hearted bashes that opened only a tiny hole.

Juncos bobbing about in the driveway, clustering in the redbud tree, watched by Bobby and Nellie.

The camera's zoom captured a junco.

Bobby McGee walks with his shadow.

The tortie girls were waiting for me in the barn entrance.
This is the south exposure and I often find the barn cats there on a sunny day.

Can you see this giant clod of ice in the center of the photo?
Grandson D. attacked the water tub ice late this afternoon, using a large hammer.
He then wrestled the chunks of ice out of the tub using a big shovel.
The ice was even thicker than I imagined.

Pebbles, just before sundown, at her tub, surrounded by icebergs!
Tomorrow the temps should be in the 40's F.
I'm hoping I can clean out the tub, deal with the water hose.
I'm a bit wary of turning on the outside faucet--
[For those who may be new readers I should perhaps mention that ordinarily these outdoor chores don't fall to me.
J. is away with three of his siblings and an assortment of the younger generation--trip planned well in advance of the great January freeze.]

Mid-afternoon I went downstairs, determined to work on the small quilt for which I appliqued the center panel while visiting our niece at the end of October.
I needed the quilting book which was nowhere to be found.
While I'm not the tidiest soul, I can usually locate my books and crafting supplies rather handily.
The book wasn't where I thought I had left it.
I rummaged.
My attitude is often that if I keep poking about where the object in question should be, I'll miraculously lay hands on it.
In frustration I went through the basket of magazines by my rocking chair, neatly organized weeks ago.
Finally I sat downstairs by the fire, cudgeling my brains, feeling time slip away.
At such times I am literally praying to recall what I have done with my belongings!
Sitting there, staring around the room, something 'clicked.'
Sure enough, the book had been pushed off the stack on the end of the tall cupboard and was caught between cupboard and wall.
Snatching up the book I had a memory of Nellie, sprawled on top of the cupboard the last time I was at the sewing machine.
It is his favorite place to keep me company and he usually manages in his stretching and turning to send something onto the floor.
I stitched small hourglass patches until weariness overtook me.
I'm allowing the downstairs fire to go out tonight.
I've stocked the fireplace stove.
I've had a bedtime snack of hot milk and a hard boiled egg with maple pepper.
Tomorrow the weather will return to something more common for January in south-central Kentucky.


  1. I don't think we're going to get any winter this year. We have had weeks and weeks of temps in the high 60's and low seventies and they are forecasting at least 10 more days of the same. My sister came down from the deep, deep freeze of Toronto yesterday and got in 12 hours late. She is going to enjoy our weather here! My husband is away for a month in Micronesia and Kay has come down to stay with me. Fortunatel he is having no flight problems flying in the westerly direction. Ia in Hawaii tonight and Guam about 20 hours later, then off to the islands. Keep warm and safe and take good care of the cats and pebbles in that cold weather (I know you will :) )

  2. Glad to hear that things will be warming up for you and glad also that you finally found your book - it's maddening when you can't quite remember things isn't it?

  3. I lose things all the time and often something has fallen between furniture - and I don't have a cat! Glad it's finally getting warmer.
    P.S. Love your new header picture.

  4. You are going to be one happy lady/wife when your dear husband gets back. What an experience you have been having. I think you are doing GREAT.

    I'm not the tidiest person either, but usually can find things, by trying to remember where I used it or had it last.

    A lot of times I say a prayer and wait and find the thing. :-)

    Have a great day ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady