Monday, October 14, 2013

Country Mouse

No photo today as J's camera is in the truck with him and I didn't bring mine.
J. had more work to do on his sister and BIL's roof and is staying this week with a special niece and her husband.
I invited myself along!
We've had a marvelous evening 'out'--a family dinner on Sunday, visits from another sister and her husband.
Today [drum roll!] I was collected at noon by our grand-niece [do I have the correct terminology?] taken for a delicious lunch at a Greek restaurant, and on to a Mall where I shopped for shoes.
Working on a hand appliqued quilting project in SA's spacious and well-appointed sewing area.
Daughter G. is tending our animals at home, and on the down side, elderly Siamese Eggnog is apparently having issues of forgetting where the litterbox is located. She's had several such spells over the past few months--and I fear her remaining time is short.  She was 15 years old in April. Much as I love my cats, one can only clean up messes in inappropriate places for a limited time before it becomes 'too much.'
Not much time to read blogs and comment, but will try to take photos to  post later.


  1. I know that 'too much' feeling only too well, not just for us but for them too; as such fastidious animals, it must be unpleasant for them too. Looking forward to your pictures.....

    1. Em; When Eggnog had the prior round of this several weeks ago she seemed confused and rather frightened. I know I can't let the situation play out slowly. All of us who love animals share that dread of facing the moment when a decision must be made.
      Re photos--J. insisted he needed his camera this morning--should have packed my own!

  2. I''m glad you're enjoying your holiday Sharon. Sounds like you are having fun. Sorry to hear that Eggnog is not recognizing the litter tray as the place to go . . . A couple of ours are 17 now, but their mum (Lucky) made it to close on 20.

    1. Jennie; I think I was due for a few days away from 'the farm'-
      Seeing SA's beautiful hand work on her quilts has given me fresh inspiration.
      We've had several cats who lived past their 16th birthday, but never one who made it to the 20 year mark. Always a sad time when a loved pet begins to lose health and personality.

  3. Glad you are having a nice break from your normal routine. So sorry to hear about Eggnog.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. Lorraine; It is astonishing to have so much 'free time' even for a few days. I've known that Eggnog's remaining time was short, but she has rallied from two such brief episodes and been her tidy self. Deciding when the 'evil day' can't be postponed is tough.