Monday, July 8, 2013

Two Days Without Rain

My upper flower garden on Saturday morning, pummeled and shattered with days and nights of rain.
The rain has meant that my plantation of coneflower seedlings hasn’t suffered transplanting shock.  The forest of twigs was meant to keep the boy-cats from enthusiastic rooting and digging.
A wet rose—’Wise Portia’--but at least not raddled by Japanese beetles.
We have been battling them on the blackberries and on the second flush of roses.
Both pink and white cleome have blossomed.  I raised these from seed and transplanted them into the new strip of garden near the clothesline.  A channel of water from the heavy rains cut through the edge of this plot, racing down the slight incline of the back field.
I spent hours weeding here on Wednesday and set out small signet marigolds as edging.  they were swept away in the rush of rain.  I found several of them washed up at the foot of the elder bush and, poking into the muddy soil jabbed them back in place. Only two of them are still where they belong.  I’m considering I may have to relocate the perennials in this strip. We haven’t experienced such persistent spells of rain the three years we’ve lived here, although several times in a season there may be a spate of rain that does damage.
Lily ‘Tiny Ghost.’ I purchased this thinking, from the name, that it would be a white lily. When I googled for info on this series of lilies I learned that the white variety is called ‘Tiny Nanna.’ A plant to keep in mind for a future purchase.
A watermelon vine in the upper veg garden—note the muddy ground.
I spent some time trying to catch a decent photo of this busy hummingbird hawk moth. It moved so quickly that most of the photos were a blur.
Sheets and towels have dried on the lines yesterday and today—and the dark clouds which rode the sky to the north moved on without dumping more rain.  The lawn is still spongy with wet, but J. managed to mow the grass. I tackled floors, sweeping, hoovering and finally mopping. The garden is providing us with wonderful Yukon Gold potatoes, cucumbers, crisp green peppers and the first of the green beans. When the garden goes into production, we eat without a great variety in our meals—fresh food tastes so good!
My PC is behaving very badly—much overdue for service. I thought to take it to the repair shop today, but realized I’ve some work to do this week which must be printed, so I’m hoping to nurse this along for a few more days rather than needing to install the printer software in my laptop.
Nothing like a balky computer for creating frustration!  I’ve resorted to Live Writer to create this post after two attempts with the usual blogger window which keeps ‘freezing up’ or giving out error alerts.
Surely no one’s world will be diminished if I can’t post for a few days.  I must say that using blogger as a journal has become a habit.


  1. Well, I would greatly miss you! But best to have a working computer at the end of the day - there's nothing more frustrating than one that fights back! and won't let you do what needs to be done.

    I think you are having the summer we "enjoyed" last year. We, ahem, are having a heat wave at the moment - and if you are envious, think of the pollen, which is truly awful and my new medication is struggling to keep on top of it. It's too hot for me (best part of 30 deg.) and not hot enough for Keith, who liked it best when he was in the desert . . .

  2. I must say that using blogger as a journal has become a habit.

    I think it's the same for most of us Sharon. It's useful isn't it, to look back at how gardens, houses, children etc have changed. I really enjoy my peep into my friends lives, especially when they are very different to mine.
    ps My sun flowers are doing well!

  3. Glad the rain has let up for you. Your flowers are pretty and your veggie produce sounds delicious.

    I use Live Writer all of the time for writing my posts. My husband told me about it a couple of years ago and I don't like writing posts the old way anymore. LW is nice to use and you're not online while you do it.

    Hope your week is a good one.


  4. Your home produce sounds great ...what a sence of achievement.
    That moth shot is that a Buddliea ...or Butterfly Bush, as we call it.
    We have glorious weather at the moment ...well for us ...mid 70's F....this is our summer....well for a few days anyway. xx

  5. I'm sorry about all the damage the rain has caused, but there are always a few pluses that I guess we have to cling to for the sake of our moral. Our cool, rainy June was a treasure to the garden and all the plants got a wonderful start to stiffen them against the heat of July. Love the sound of your garden veggies....